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For precious tree species or tree species with few provenances(lavender plug trays wholesale), after sowing, seedlings are transplanted and seedlings are transplanted to save seeds, facilitate management, and increase the emergence rate of seedlings. No matter which transplantation method is used, we must pay attention to download the technical requirements(105 cell seed trays wholesale). The planting depth should be more than 1 to 2 mile over the original soil seal of seedlings.

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Don't take too many seedlings at one time when transplanting. The seedlings should be irrigated immediately after transplantation(succulent propagation tray). It is best to irrigate twice. After irrigating, loosen the soil in a timely manner to improve the permeability of the soil to promote root growth. In addition, after the bottle, we must pay attention to straighten the seedlings and level the ground(104 cell plug trays supplier). Among them, the bottomless hexagonal laurel container is the best.(high quality fabric pots manufacturers australia)

Container nursery is a method of raising seedlings by directly propagating materials such as seeds or branches in nutrient soil or culture medium in the container(plastic nursery pots suppliers). At present, container seedling technology has been widely promoted and combined with plastic greenhouses and greenhouses(40 cell plug trays supplier). Seedling types have expanded from the main afforestation tree species to general afforestation tree species, gardens and most ornamental tree species.

For this reason, when planting seedlings, put the seedlings in holes or ditches, fill the soil to 80% first(plastic plant pots manufacturers), then lift the seedlings up to make the seedling roots weigh down, then step on the soil, fill the soil, then step on the soil, and finally make the cover soil higher The original ground is 1-2 cm. The main technologies of container nursery include container selection, nutrient soil configuration, seeding and post-sowing management, etc(plant pots australia). The seedlings should be transplanted immediately.

(high quality fabric pots manufacturers australia)After the budding is successful, the stem of the rootstock above the budding is cut off, which is called the pruning base(plastic plant pot suppliers). The hole planting method is suitable for transplanting relatively large seedlings. When transplanting, the planting point is determined according to the predetermined plant row spacing, and the planting resistance is dug(seed planting trays wholesale). Container nursery is the development trend of seedling production and the symbol of modern forestry.

Root system should be stretched to prevent nest roots(lavender plug trays). In order to prevent the buds from sprouting the year before and it is difficult to overwinter, you should cut the foundation before the spring buds. When transplanting with soil seedlings, the stems of the seedlings should be straight, and the sprouting power of the valve leaf trees can also be transplanted with dried bacteria(18 cell plug trays supplier). Conifers should be protected during the cutting process.(high quality fabric pots manufacturers australia)

It is not necessary to take out the seedlings from the container during afforestation(deep propagation trays), and plant the seedlings together with the seedlings into the afforestation land, such as peat container, clay nutrition cup, honeycomb paper cup, fine sticky paper nutrition cup, paper Quality containers and containers made of honeycomb mulch(100mm plastic grow pots). In summer and autumn, the buds are sprouted. In the soil, it can be divided by the soil or decomposed by microorganisms.

can be divided into quadrangular prismatic container(128 cell plug flats), hexagonal prismatic container, cylindrical container and conical container. The inner wall has 6 protruding school-like structures, and the root system can extend downward along the inner angle to avoid the formation of root clusters(20 cell plug trays supplier). The materials used to make the container include soft plastics, hard plastics, pulp, synthetic fibers, peat, clay, special paper, cardboard, and veneer bamboo. Plastic film bag.

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