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High Quality Plastic Garden Pots Price Germany

Strawberries have a long synchronous effect on water and fertilizer demand(plastic plant pots manufacturers), so comprehensive management should be carried out according to the law of water and fertilizer demand in different growth periods. The different characteristics of cultivation methods should be considered in the comprehensive management of water and fertilizer(bulk 10 gallon pots). Micro irrigation and fertilization is the development direction of integrated management of water and fertilizer.

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It is driven by mechanical power or water level drop to synchronously send the water and nutrients needed by crops to the rhizosphere soil in the form of water solution(plastic plant pot suppliers). The soil should have suitable moisture content so as to apply base fertilizer in combination with land preparation and create favorable conditions for slow seedling growth and early growth(bulk 14 gallon pots). For micro irrigation and fertilization, we should strictly follow the rules of micro irrigation and fertilization.

(high quality plastic garden pots price germany)Strawberries not only save water and fertilizer, but also have bright fruit, good taste, and are not easy to get sick(plastic planters suppliers). They are not easy to suffer from frost damage in the year of ice and snow disaster. Water and fertilizer management before transplanting strawberry should choose the field with loose soil(14cm plastic grow pots), rich organic matter and good drainage before transplanting, and legume or field crops are the best crops before transplanting strawberry.

It is suggested to apply 3000-4000kg of rotten farmyard manure or 400kg-500kg of commercial organic manure per mu to strawberries in the open field(nursery tray price), and 5-6kg of urea, 13-17kg of diammonium phosphate, and 5-10kg of potassium sulfate; if the soil is acid soil in the south, the appropriate amount of superphosphate or calcium magnesium phosphate can be used as the phosphate fertilizer(72 cell seed trays wholesale). It is necessary to focus on flowering and fruit expansion.(high quality plastic garden pots price germany)

The base fertilizer should be applied 7-10 days before planting(small plastic garden pots), and the fertilizer should be spread on the soil surface and then ploughed and ridged. The water and fertilizer management of strawberry and greenhouse are basically the same as that of open field, but under the condition of micro irrigation and fertilization(blow molded nursery pots), the proportion and amount of base fertilizer can be reduced appropriately, generally 40% of base fertilizer and 60% of top dressing are suitable.

(high quality plastic garden pots price germany)For example, for strawberries that can produce 3000 kg / mu(15 inch plastic plant pots), the base fertilizer can apply about 3000 kg / mu of mature farmyard fertilizer, 20-25 kg of general-purpose compound fertilizer (the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is similar(7 gallon nursery pots bulk), and the total content of nutrients is not less than 45%). It is suggested to apply fertilizer in micro irrigation to strawberries and in combination with irrigation to strawberries in open field.

At the flowering stage, 9-10kg urea and 4-8kg potassium sulfate can be applied per mu(black plastic pots wholesale), and 15-20kg high-N and K type compound fertilizer with the total content of N, P and K not less than 45% can also be applied. In the fruit expanding stage, 11-13kg urea and 7-10kg potassium sulfate are applied per mu, or the total nutrient content is not less than 20-25kg of 45% high nitrogen potassium compound fertilizer(72 cell trays bulk). The fertilizer is mainly potassium sulphate compound fertilizer. 

At the same time, the amount of irrigation should be appropriate, and it is not allowed to flood(large plastic hanging baskets). Moreover, we should adhere to the principle of "a few times" and combine topdressing with irrigation. The specific quantity and times depend on soil fertility, soil moisture and plant growth and development(sureroot plug trays bulk). Each application of high-n-k ternary compound fertilizer is 15-20 kg, and top dressing is stopped 15-20 days before seedling pulling.(high quality plastic garden pots price germany)

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