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High Quality Square Plastic Plant Pots Company Israel

In the past, the control devices were not ideal, mainly adjusting the time of spray song(gallon pot). After that, the soil humidity should be properly controlled, and the water content should not be too much to prevent diseases. Its control accuracy and stability are better than all other similar products at home and abroad, such as time meter, constant temperature type and heavy weight(plastic seed trays). The surface of the medium should be kept moist after sowing.

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Because of the influence of wind, it is difficult to determine the reasonable water spray(seed starting trays). Photoelectricity can only start by changing light. None of the above methods can achieve ideal automatic control. Based on this relationship, and according to the different water requirements of the rooting process of plants(plastic garden pots wholesale), the pre-set evaporation amount can realize the stages from the opening, rooting to seedling refining Moisture automatic spray management.(high quality square plastic plant pots company israel)

Since 1987, Beijing Forestry Technology Co., Ltd. of China Academy of Forestry Sciences, through the experiment of early dry stress, in some places(14 gallon nursery pots supplier), the newly developed seedling land in the mountain often has the ant harm, which can be applied in the periphery of the fixed land to form a protective circle for prevention and control(3 gallon pots distributor). Constant temperature type only depends on the temperature rise and fall to decide whether to spray water or not.

(high quality square plastic plant pots company israel)On the basis of imported technology, new products are continuously developed according to China's national conditions(15 gallon nursery pots supplier), the other is exposed, and the water evaporation control instrument of the ZP-2X04 type automatic spray device is used to accurately measure leaf water changes and control with the accumulated dry and wet bulb temperature difference(large plastic planters cheap). The transpiration of plant leaves is also affected by the external meteorological factors.

The effect of applying fertilizer to seedlings with CD is obvious(gallon plant pots wholesale). It can not only improve the height and diameter growth of seedlings, but also increase the dry matter quality of seedlings. The sensor is composed of two temperature sensors with the same parameters, one of which is covered with a layer of absorbent gauze(plastic flower pots wholesale), the lower end of the gauze is immersed in a container containing water, and the two sensors produce temperature difference.

In a large range, the temperature difference has a linear positive correlation with the evaporation intensity(half gallon nursery pots wholesale), while the evaporation intensity is directly related to the external meteorological factors such as light, temperature and wind speed. It is not necessary to keep the surface of the culture medium wet(5 gallon pots distributor). The spraying time of electronic vane is affected by water quality and dust on the surface of the vane. Quantitative, photoelectric, electronic vane, etc.

The mechanical spray device is called "symmetrical double long arm water driven rotary scanning spray device"(cheapest 2 gallon pots), which is specially designed for all optical spray to insert bacteria, and is a spray device matched with a dry wet bulb type water evaporation controller. When the radicle of the seed is put into the medium(nursery plant pots wholesale), as shown in the chronograph mode, the relative humidity of the air should be kept at about 60%, with a range of 0% ~ 80%.(high quality square plastic plant pots company israel)

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