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Plastic 15 Gallon Plant Pot Wholesale Suppliers USA

Cowpea, also known as beans, is a very delicious vegetable. It is often made into a delicacy together with eggplant(propagation trays for cuttings). Cowpeas are very adaptable to the soil, so it is not particularly difficult to plant them. Let's learn how to plant cowpea with Xiaobian. Cowpea is not waterlogged, and its growth period is long(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It needs more nutrients during its growth period.

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The sowing time should be determined according to the local climate conditions, cultivation facilities and management measures(9cm square plant pots). In general, 1500-2000 kg of fully mature human manure or chicken and duck manure, 15-20 kg of superphosphate and 75-100 kg of plant ash are applied per mu, which can be applied in ditch or in the field(72 cell plug trays supplier). After land preparation, border width is 100-110cm, ditch width is 40cm, border height is 20-25cm.(plastic 15 gallon plant pot wholesale suppliers usa)

It is required to have high temperature and strong heat resistance(plastic hanging baskets). The suitable temperature for growth is 20-25 ℃. In summer, when the temperature is above 35 ℃, it can still pods normally without falling flowers, but it is not frost resistant. When the temperature is below 10 ℃ for a long time, the growth is inhibited(128 cell seed trays wholesale). The soil with high dry terrain, deep soil layer, rich organic matter and convenient drainage and irrigation should be selected. 

Cowpea belongs to the crop of short sunshine, but the long cowpea, as a vegetable, mostly belongs to the medium sunshine(large black plastic flower pots), which is not strictly required by sunshine, such as red billed swallow and cowpea 28-2, which can be cultivated in spring, summer and autumn in South China(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Before sowing, select the seeds with large and full grains, no diseases and pests, and no damage, and select sunny days to sun seed for 1-2 days.

(plastic 15 gallon plant pot wholesale suppliers usa)Cowpeas planted in small arch shed can be sown in the middle and late March, those planted in big shed can be sown in the first and middle March(greenhouse trays and pots), and those planted in big shed shed can be sown from the last ten days of February to the beginning of March. In some areas, the sowing date is delayed to late April or early May, which can be broadcast live(128 cell trays bulk). The early maturing cultivation of cowpea generally needs strong seedlings.

The seedbed should be prepared before sowing(polypropylene plant pots). The thickness of the nutrient soil in the seedbed should not be less than 5cm. The bed soil should be suitable for drying and wetting, and should not be too wet, otherwise it is easy to rot. When sowing, the seeds shall be scattered in the soil of the seedbed, with the degree of non overlapping seeds(5 gallon plant pots). After sowing, the seeds shall be covered with loose fine soil of 1.5-2CM.

After a little pressing, the seeds shall be laid with sparse straw(round plastic flower pots), and then covered with plastic film for heat preservation and moisture preservation. The temperature of seedbed should be controlled at 25-30 ℃. When about 30% of the seeds were unearthed, the mulch and straw were removed in time(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Keep the temperature at about 20 ℃ in the daytime, no more than 25 ℃ at most, and no less than 15 ℃ at night.(plastic 15 gallon plant pot wholesale suppliers usa)

How to cultivate cowpea with high yield? If the temperature is too high, the small arch shed can be opened for cooling(plastic growing containers), but the cold wind must be prevented from directly blowing into the seedbed to avoid freezing damage. During the period of seedling training, the minimum temperature at night should not be lower than 10 ℃(72 cell trays bulk). The seedlings began to emerge 4-5 days after sowing. If necessary, mix the seeds with medicament before sowing.

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