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Plastic 10 Inch Nursery Pots Manufacturers In China

Because this technique is simple, low cost, and effective, grafting Luo Hansong has become very common(nursery tray price). Although the technology is simple, the survival rate of grafting is currently not high. This is because there is a variety difference between the scion and the old pile, which lacks affinity(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Some are because the scion is too weak to grow and hang on the tree stump to dehydrate and die.

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Some are because the grafting technology is not too hard or the maintenance management is not in place(small plastic garden pots). Other operations and management after grafting are the same as other grafting methods. If properly managed after grafting, the survival rate can reach 95%(200 cell seed trays wholesale). The rootstock of the is a relatively large-leaf Lohan pine, and it is grafted on the area where branching is needed by grafting with Lobelia lobata.(plastic 10 inch nursery pots manufacturers in china)

The survival rate of this grafting method is not high, but it is also the most effective way to make Luo Hansong transplant quickly and plumply(15 inch plastic plant pots). Tools and materials to be prepared before grafting: single-sided blades, which are sharper and thinner than grafting knives, are used for moisturizing bags of scion and grafting sites(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), medical disinfection alcohol, for sterilizing and sterilizing grafting blades, and for nylon ropes. For binding scion.

(plastic 10 inch nursery pots manufacturers in china)Properly trim the rootstock before grafting, cut off the branches that are not suitable for modeling(black plastic pots wholesale), such as raw branches and oncoming branches, select T. mongolica pine branches, 3 ~ 4 cm as scion, and the excessively long part can be reserved for later use(black plastic plant pots). The scion cutting method is the same as conventional grafting. Special attention should be paid to aligning the scion with the formation layer of the rootstock.

The specific operation is the same as the general switching method(large plastic hanging baskets). The survival rate of this grafting method is relatively low, so multiple scion grafts need to be grafted around the same branching site. Two- or three-year-old Lobelia pine is used as the rootstock. The specific operation and management are the same as the five-pin pine grafting method(greenhouse supplies pots). If this grafting method is properly managed, the survival rate can reach about 90%.

Although the grafting of M. lobata can be performed all year round, if it is performed in the hot summer and cold winter seasons(large plastic tree containers), management needs to be extra careful to ensure the survival rate. When the grafting technique is unskilled, it is better to use 2 to 3 years old Lobelia pine for abdominal grafting(nursery plant pots), and it is better to carry out graft grafting or high grafting in April to July, which will help improve the survival rate of grafting.(plastic 10 inch nursery pots manufacturers in china)

Xixi fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer is the main fertilizer(plastic pots for succulents), you can add an appropriate amount of black alum to make alum fertilizer water. Fertilization can be applied once every 1-2 months during the growth period, and fertilization can be performed simultaneously with watering (the ratio of water to fertilizer is 9: 1). Luo Hansong does not like thick fertilizers(plastic plant trays wholesale). In the growing season, rotten organic liquid fertilizers can be used.

Grafting Luo Hansong has risen for a long time(large plastic plant containers outdoor). Regardless of which of the above methods is used for grafting, the scion must be bagged and moisturized. The concentration is 1: 6, 1: 8, 1:10, and it is applied every ten days and a half months(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). This facilitates the absorption of the root system.

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