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Generally speaking, the closer the genetic relationship(50 cell plant trays bulk), the stronger the affinity, so the affinity of plants of the same species and different species is the strongest, followed by the genera, and the weakest among the families. This method is mostly used for flowering shrubs that are easy to root naturally in the stem nodes and internodes(3.5 inch plant pots), and woody flowers that are difficult to root by grafting and grafting.

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In this way, the liquid wax is prepared. Put the prepared wax into the bottle in time and cover it with a cap to prevent the wax from drying out(50 cell seed trays wholesale). After the cacti and succulents are grafted, they should be placed in a shady place, without watering or less watering, especially the wounds should not be exposed to water(3 gallon pots bulk). After the grafting is alive, the trouble of unbinding objects can be reduced, causing the scion to dry.(plastic nursery trays manufacturers colombia)

There are many reasons that affect the survival of grafting(seed planting trays wholesale). The most important one is that during the grafting process, the wound water is dispersed and lost too much. To prevent this from happening, wax can be used to close the wound. Receiving wax is difficult to buy in the market(5 gallon black plastic nursery pots). Layering breeding time can be carried out all year round in warm areas, and in northern areas it is mostly carried out in spring.

(plastic nursery trays manufacturers colombia)After it is fully alive, it can be moved to the sun for normal management(18 cell plug trays supplier). It is best to prepare it by yourself according to the required amount. The method is as follows: use 400 grams of rosin and 50 grams of lard, put them in the same container, boil them with a slow fire, and wait until the rosin and lard are all dissolved, Turn off the fire(1 gallon pots bulk). Then add 50 grams of turpentine and 100 grams of alcohol, and stir while pouring.

However, different plant species of the same genus are selected as rootstocks, and their performance after grafting is often quite different(20 cell plug trays supplier). But the branches are too old and the cell viability is reduced. Let the boiled liquid cool slightly, and then slowly pour alcohol into the container(10 gallon plastic plant pots). Foam will quickly form in the container, and it will stop when the foam does not rise high and the container makes a "zi, zi" sound.(plastic nursery trays manufacturers colombia)

On the contrary, the gap between the stocks and spikes is large, and there are more callus that needs to be filled, and it is not easy to survive(40 cell plug trays supplier). During the growth period of the grafted seedlings, pay attention to reasonable watering and fertilization, and timely weeding and loosening the soil and preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests to make them grow vigorously(1 gallon pots wholesale). Always keep the mound moist after being buried.

(plastic nursery trays manufacturers colombia)Pile soil layering method This method is mostly used for flowers and trees that are not easy to bend(104 cell plug trays supplier), have strong clumping, and have a lot of roots, such as flowering plum, lilac, pearl plum, yellow thorn rose, mountain plum blossom, red Swiss wood, etc(15 gallon nursery pots). First, strip the lower part of the branches about 20 to 30 cm from the ground in a ring shape, and then pile up soil to bury the lower part of the clump, which also affects survival.

When using it, just dip the receiving wax and apply it on the scion wound, and the wax will dry as soon as it sees the wind, which is very convenient(105 cell seed trays wholesale). Layering propagation is to bury a section of the branches growing on the mother plant in the soil to encourage them to produce new roots at the buried position(10 gallon nursery pots), and then cut the rooted branches away from the mother and plant them to form a new plant.(plastic nursery trays manufacturers colombia)

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