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Home gardening can provide abundant and diversified fresh fruits, vegetables and flower foods for family life(plastic plant pots wholesale). For example, Integyal Ur-ban House in Berkeley, California, USA, seed trays and pots shows that a family of four lives in an urban area of 1021.9 square meters(cheap plastic plant pots).

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Therefore, 232.3 square meters are used to produce vegetables and 92.9 square meters are used to provide fruits(seed trays and pots). Of course, the area of the fruit tree will vary with factors such as whether the fruit tree is dwarfed, whether it is scaffolding or its standard size(seed trays and pots). The "Village Homes" in Davis divides 28.329 hectares of land into 224 units (an average of approximately 1264.7 square meters per unit, dedicated to maximum food production and resource conservation.

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Energy has become the focus of political strategy and is likely to change the balance of power in the world(seed trays and pots). Professor Richard Britz of Oregon has already proposed the "Edible City" (The Edible City) plan, which is to replant the neighborhoods in the neighborhood and transform the backyard into a high-yield urban farm(seed trays and pots). In these examples, utilitarian food plants, rather than pure ornamental plants, form a major part of the family landscape. 

Because leisure gardeners are mainly members of the "nuclear families"(seed trays and pots). Among the 1280 households they surveyed, 68.6% of the households engaged in leisure gardening, 20.3% of the households would engage in this activity if possible, and 10.0% of the households were not interested(seed trays and pots). Therefore, in foreign countries, gardening Known as the "safety valve of society." 

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Family gardening provides many good opportunities for human satisfaction(seed trays and pots). They also found that the level of leisure gardening by foreign immigrants in Sweden is lower than that of domestic residents, but speculated that this trend only reflects the social conditions of these "guest-workers" rather than necessarily Show that they have no interest in gardening in leisure time(seed trays and pots).

On the other hand, between the metropolitan area and the rest of the country: the difference in the frequency of leisure activities is obvious(seed trays and pots). It is even more interesting to pick and tear the edible stems, leaves, flowers and fruits cultivated in the courtyard such as roses, osmanthus, wolfberry, lotus and plum to cook porridge and sweet soup to make floral dishes(seed trays and pots).

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However, Sweden, like the United States, attaches great importance to the use of urban open space as an important place for gardening and plant production, especially residential areas(seed trays and pots). The use of open space for gardening activities and basic food production has attracted the attention of city planners. They found that there is great potential for food production in residential areas using existing open spaces(seed trays and pots).

Not only has started research, but also started to implement it(seed trays and pots). This phenomenon was explained as the lack of arable land within and in the suburbs of larger cities. Among the families that actually engage in gardening activities, the proportion of families with children is very high, accounting for 54.2%, and families with couples living together account for 33.9%(seed trays and pots). The lawn is only used for recreational activities.

Gardening can not only enrich family life and improve physical and mental health; it also has many benefits to society, such as beautifying the environment, attracting idle personnel, providing vocational training, reducing social crimes, and alleviating the tightness of urban food supplies(seed trays and pots). As the role of home gardening on human health and social development is increasingly recognized, it will become more and more popular(seed trays and pots).

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It can be seen that even in our country as a “latecomer”, with the improvement of people’s living conditions, the increase of income levels and the improvement of cultural literacy, especially as an important part of the construction of material and spiritual civilization, the cause of home gardening is growing(seed trays and pots). In the ascendant! Therefore, gardening is perhaps one of the oldest medical techniques(seed trays and pots). 

In the lives of the ancestors, there have long been records of cultivating plants in front of and behind houses to prevent and treat diseases(seed trays and pots). This means that in the process of horticulture, including family horticulture, more attention should be paid to the cultivation of fruit trees, vegetables, fuel and other practical plants, and relevant experiments have been carried out(seed trays and pots).

Therefore, in many countries, it has become one of the most common leisure feeding activities, and is welcomed by most family members, especially the middle-aged and elderly people(seed trays and pots). In the United States, for example, gardening is the number one outdoor leisure activity, with 84% of households engaged in at least one gardening activity(seed trays and pots). 

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And in the past 50 years, the world's population has doubled, and the two major problems of food and energy have ranked first among the five global environmental problems(seed trays and pots). In their view, gardening is the source of personal satisfaction and self-esteem, can provide aesthetic pleasure and reduce the burden of daily affairs, and gardening is an ideal preventive measure to maintain people's physical and mental health(cheap plastic plant pots bulk).

Due to the increasing urbanization of the society we live in, and the important role of horticulture in human health, family life and social development, the U.S. Department of agriculture and many universities attach great importance to popularizing family horticulture education, compile and publish a large number of relevant publications, and set up special consumer horticulture promotion agencies in various places(seed trays and pots).

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The study also shows that there is no significant difference in the frequency of leisure horticultural activities between the South and the north of Sweden(seed trays and pots). University of Agricultural Sciences in Sweden OlavR.Skage Professor and others also set up a special topic on "Swedish leisure horticulture", and found that housing conditions and leisure time habits have an impact on leisure horticultural activities(seed trays and pots).

Education background, occupation and income level directly or indirectly affect the frequency of leisure gardening(seed trays and pots). In the population group with higher education level, the number of people engaged in leisure gardening activities is more, while in the population group with lower education level, the number of people engaged in this activity is less(seed trays and pots).

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The biggest difference among women is that between employees on all working days and those on part working days, the number of leisure gardening activities of employees on all working days is about half of those of employees on part working days or housewives(seed trays and pots). To some extent, leisure gardening is also related to age, and the most leisure gardener is the middle-aged group(seed trays and pots).

Family circumstances, like people's age, play a decisive role in this activity(seed trays and pots). He also noticed an interesting phenomenon that men who worked during the day engaged in leisure gardening more frequently than men who worked at other times(seed trays and pots). In the growing season, 65% of adults use part of their leisure time to engage in horticultural activities(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers).

But drought resistant ornamental plants and edible plants, including strawberry, grape, Thistle and other vegetables and fruit trees, are planted together(seed trays and pots). People are beginning to feel the practical benefits of growing edible plants(seed trays and pots). Among families without gardeners, single families account for 45.7%, and families with a couple account for 30.0%. 

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In addition, fruits and vegetables purchased from farmers' markets are increasingly abusing pesticides(seed trays and pots). Even if only a few scallions and garlic can be planted in a shabby washbasin, it is enough to provide spices for family cooking. If you plant a pot of fruit trees or a small shelf of grapes on the balcony, you can't provide all the fruits for your family(seed trays and pots).

Therefore, in the United States, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand and other developed countries, they all attach great importance to the construction of family orchards and family gardens(seed trays and pots). Because of this, although there are many people and little land in our country, urban land is very tight, and most people can't have large courtyards like the residents in western countries(seed trays and pots).

There are many pesticide residues, which pose a potential hazard to human health and survival(seed trays and pots). They not only provide fresh fruits and vegetables for families, but also bring harvest joy to family life(seed trays and pots). When you see the fruits on the trees and the grapes hanging on the vines, you will surely appreciate the sweetness of life.

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