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Succulent Propagation Tray Wholesale Price USA

Forsythia has very high medicinal value, which can detoxify, dampen, and reduce swelling and swelling(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). It is used as much as possible for traditional Chinese medicinal materials and medicine processing and is suitable for medicinal purposes(germination pots). Forsythia likes to grow in a warm, dry and light-enriched environment, and its vitality is very tenacious and grows in bushes! Topdressing combined with weeding and weeding.

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Fewer fertilizers are needed at seedling stage(104 cell seed starting trays). Because of the market demand, the cultivation of forsythia will have very promising prospects, and it is interested in the cultivation technology of forsythia Let's have a look together! After more than ten days, the seed will germinate and you can plant it(plastic planters online). But pay attention to the point to be light, to prevent damage to the nutrition bag, because the soil must be compacted and clean after the point.(succulent propagation tray wholesale price usa)

Generally mix with 2 times the seed weight of fine sand and mix well(105 cell seed starter trays). Place it in the leeward sunward place and turn it down every day. Prepare nutrient soil according to the ratio of 50% of forest soil, 16% of mature fertilizer, 10% of fine sand, 10% of plant ash(10 gallon plastic container), 10% of sawdust, 3.5% of normal calcium, and 0.5% of ferrous sulfate, and spray 0.1% of the Trichlorfon kills insects, stirs evenly and waters them, and piles them up until the hands are not scattered.

Put the prepared nutrient soil into a nutrition bag, control the humidity of the nutrient soil in the bag, and it is advisable to keep the hands together, and put the nutrition bag on the culture bed(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Sprinkle irrigation equipment for sowing is used to pour the treated germinated seeds into nutrition bags, and each bag is 5-10 grains and 1 cm deep(shallow plastic plant pots). Cover the nutrition bag with grass and continue to emerge for about one month.

(succulent propagation tray wholesale price usa)Keep the moisture in the nutrition bag during the emergence period and spray it once every two days to prevent the soil from forming under the sun(200 cell seed starter trays). After the seedlings reach 2 to 3 cm in height, the seedlings should be thinned, leaving a small seedling to stay large and weak to strong(5 gallon grow pot). Lighten the seedlings to prevent the roots of the remaining seedlings from being injured, and weed frequently to ensure that there are no weeds in the bag.

Better results can be achieved by using fresh farm dung and adding a small amount of urea(32 cell seed starter trays). Horizontal trenches were reclaimed along contour lines on the slopes of barren hills, and the spacing between horizontal trenches was 2 meters. When the seedlings reach 10 cm in height, transplant them(3 gallon fabric grow bags). Weeds grow faster in the early stage (4-6 months), and weeding should be done once a month, and weeding can be done at any later stage depending on the growth of weeds.

When scooping up the seedlings, use a small shovel to scoop up the seedlings and place them in a basket, and place them in a cool place to plant them(72 cell propagation trays). The horizontal spacing of 2 meters was used as the row spacing, and the plant spacing was 60 cm. If it is cultivated after light rain, it can save water, time and labor, and the survival rate is high(20 gallon grow bags). Forsythia suspensa grows slowly, so weeding and weeding work should be done well.(succulent propagation tray wholesale price usa)

After the seedlings grow to 50 cm in height, they will be applied with holes(200 cell seed starting trays). The holes will be about 6 cm deep and fertilized with soil. During the growth period of the plant, fertilization was applied about 3 times. Nitrogen fertilizer was mainly used to promote plant growth in the early stage, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer were added to promote plant flowering in the later stage(7 gallon fabric grow bags). Forsythia is rich in antibacterial active substances such as hypericin.

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