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Peaches belong to Rosaceae flowers and are very popular with consumers(cell trays). What are the planting techniques and precautions for improving the yield of peaches? Professional growers introduce that the cultivation period of peaches should be determined according to the characteristics of peaches and the local climate conditions. Generally, the planting in the south of the Yangtze River Basin is in spring.

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In plain area, more than 100 plants are cultivated per mu, while in hilly area, more than 60 plants are cultivated per mu(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Peach is drought resistant, but we should try our best to ensure the water supply, about once a month, adhere to the expansion of leaves can be, in the first half of the peach tree flowering period to pay attention to more water(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), ensure flower bud differentiation, but less water during flowering, dry water.(sureroots deep cell plug trays wholesale supplier)

Adhere to 65% water content, and sprinkle less water when the fruit is ripe to avoid rotten fruit(plastic nursery pots). In September, basic fertilizer, farmyard fertilizer, combined with chemical fertilizer, and nitrogen fertilizer were applied to young trees, resulting in important application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, and important application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer(24 cell trays bulk). Artificial pollination or natural pollination is needed in flowering stage.

(sureroots deep cell plug trays wholesale supplier)So many farmers choose to plant peaches, but the planting density will also be affected by the climate and conditions(wholesale nursery pots). Results when the fruit is stable, the fungicide should be sprayed and bagged to protect the fruit. Pruning, thinning, regeneration of fruiting branches in summer, ventilating and translucent, concentrated nutrition(4 cell trays bulk). Because of the cold winter, it is like Such areas in Yunnan can be planted in autumn.

Let's go and have a look next. Flowers can be used for appreciation(plug trays). The fruit is juicy, with white and yellow pulp. Peach trees belong to light loving flowers. It is necessary to pay attention to the development of seasonal pruning as a key measure to achieve early formation, early bearing and early yield(6 cell trays bulk). After 10 days, the water should be sprinkled once, the hillside cultivation should be sparse, and the greenhouse cultivation should be sparse. 

It is necessary to apply fertilizer in real time, prune disease and insect branches in winter, dead branches and diseased fruits, clear the garden, renew and rejuvenate old trees(2 gallon plant pots distributor). Weed at any time, plough in summer, inhibit the development of nutrition. The complete removal of branches from the base is called pruning(8 cell trays bulk). It is beneficial to flower bud differentiation, flower and fruit development and development. It is often used to remove over dense branches and over weak branches.(sureroots deep cell plug trays wholesale supplier)

The meat is delicious and nutritious. It must be controlled in real time. However, peach plants are quite sensitive to chemicals(black plastic nursery pots). Some organic phosphorus chemicals with strong permeability and internal absorption are not suitable for use, because they are prone to harm(12 cell trays bulk). To sum up, in order to improve the yield of peaches, it is necessary to understand the planting techniques and precautions of peaches. I hope this article can help you.

(sureroots deep cell plug trays wholesale supplier)The planting density in plain area is higher than that in hilly area(bulk 2 gallon containers). Generally, fruit trees are well watered, kumquat planting is easy, but normal results are very difficult, so kumquat planting is generally not the first choice for breeding methods, because the offspring of seeded kumquat is easy to mutate, the varieties are easy to degenerate, and the results are late(18 cell trays bulk), we usually see kumquat potted plants are mostly grafted kumquat.

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