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Wholesale 1 Gallon Nursery Pots From China

Crab claw orchid is generally maintained and managed in a well-ventilated environment(black plastic nursery pots). If the ventilation conditions are not good enough, it is relatively easy to cause pests and diseases, especially in the flowering season, it is easy to infect red spiders and scale insects. Therefore, it is very important to keep the ventilation during the flowering period. So, what kind of medicine is used for crab claws? Usually, if the area of the insects is small and the number of insects is small, we can manually catch them(32 cell seed starting trays), but at the same time, it is necessary to keep the plants clean and ventilated smoothly.

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(wholesale 1 gallon nursery pots from china)But what if there are more pests? There is no doubt that if the pests are serious, we can only use drugs to kill them(plastic nursery pots wholesale). However, as for the use of any good drugs, this is mainly based on the type of pests, the corresponding drugs are targeted to kill, only the so-called special drugs. Potted crab claws are easily ventilated(105 cell seed starting trays), especially during flowering, which can easily cause red spiders, scale insects and Spodoptera litura.

If the crab claw orchid is in a high temperature environment for a long time during flowering(plastic nursery pots), the phenomenon of flower buds will appear. Take out the flower buds. If you don't get scientific and reasonable pruning for a long time, those redundant and messy branches will consume a lot of water and nutrients, which will inevitably compete for the water and nutrients that were originally supplied to the flower buds(50 cell seed starting trays). When sufficient nutrients and water are supplied as supplies, the phenomenon of flower buds occurs.

(wholesale 1 gallon nursery pots from china)Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned main reasons for the emergence of the crab claws(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), there may be other reasons. If you still have the trouble of doing a good job in ensuring that the above aspects are done well, perhaps you need to find out and explore further. In short, the phenomenon of potted crab claws appearing in the flower buds is a relatively easy problem(128 cell seedling start trays), and there are many reasons. Everyone is going to find out in practice!

Whitefly, Alika 22% microcapsule suspension-suspension agent 5000-6000 times solution(wholesale nursery pots), Aketai 25% water dispersion granule 5000-7500 times solution, can be applied 50% water dispersion granule 6000-10000 times solution, 20% acetamiprid 4000-6000 times solution for prevention. The aphids were treated with Amy Lok 70% imidacloprid water dispersible granules 10000-15000 times solution(seed plug trays wholesale), 3% acetamiprid emulsifiable concentrate 1500-2000 times solution, and AKTEC 25% water dispersible granules 5000-7500 times solution.(wholesale 1 gallon nursery pots from china)

The planting water of the parent plant should be drenched, and then the water management should be carried out in stages(plug trays wholesale). Watering 2 to 3 times a month, at 10:00 am, before 3 pm, when the temperature reaches about 20 °C, drip irrigation is carried out for 5 to 10 minutes each time. The seedlings are generally drip-irrigated after the seedlings are pressed, and watered 2 to 3 times a month, each time being poured(128 cell seed starter trays). If artificial watering is used, it can be watered once every 1-2 days according to the wet state of the substrate, and the water should be poured.

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