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Wholesale Cheap Teku Pots Germany

Stop the application of water and fertilizer before changing the basin to keep the soil dry, so that the plants can be taken out of the basin(plastic nursery pots). When changing a new pot, first dip the new pot in the water and then use it to change the pot. Because the new pot is dry, the water absorption is strong, and after the plant is placed on the basin, it is easy to compete for moisture to dry out. In addition, the new pots often contain enamel during firing(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), which can be washed away after soaking to prevent irritation of the roots. If you change old pots, you must wash and disinfect them.

(wholesale cheap teku pots germany)When it can be disinfected, it can be cleaned and disinfected by washing with grass gray water or spraying with 1000 times liquid(plug trays wholesale). In general, the jasmine changing time is most suitable before the germination of the jasmine new shoots from April to May every year. However, there are also flower friends who change the pots in July. As long as they don’t hurt the roots, there is no problem, and there are more flowers for jasmine(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). Friends can change the basin at any time, as long as it does not hurt the roots, Jasmine is relatively free.

If there are many kinds of moss plants on the outside of the old pot, it will block the pores of the basin wall(plastic nursery pots wholesale), hinder the air permeability, and easily capture the nutrients and water in the pot. At the same time, there are other germs and pests. First prepare a large basin to be replaced, and place water-permeable and breathable tiles and coarse-grained soil in advance at the bottom of the basin(40 cell plug tray wholesale). The kind of sandy loam that is squeezed into a group by hand and loosened by hand is very suitable for the growth of jasmine, and is spread on the coarse-grained soil with this kind of soil.

(wholesale cheap teku pots germany)Therefore, if you adjust the indoor temperature and apply too little fertilization(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), in addition to the need to cover the shade when the summer sun is very poisonous, please let the jasmine enjoy the sun, thank you. The common pest of jasmine is red spider. If it can be left untreated, the leaves of jasmine will gradually turn yellow(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). It can be diluted with tobacco shredded water and sprayed to eliminate red spiders, or by using soapy liquid, after spraying, it can also eliminate red spiders.

However, in the summer, on the one hand, the temperature is too high(black plastic nursery pots), and it is difficult for the plants to extract nutrients in large quantities. Therefore, how can Man Tianxin be topped out? Below, Xiaobian will share relevant knowledge for you. It can be seen that if you usually top the top, yes, let the Gypsophila grow into a "big flower ball" until the whole process of flowering, and in the whole process of fertilization, then you can apply thin organic fertilizer(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), or you can Apply an appropriate amount of compound fertilizer.

(wholesale cheap teku pots germany)When you use 150 to 200 times vinegar to water and replenish nutrients, there are certain requirements for fertilizer selection(wholesale nursery pots). Nutrients are the need for potted flowers and plants to maintain a good growth, especially for flower plants that prefer fertilization, which often provide a strong guarantee for normal flowering as scheduled(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Place the plants in a large basin, fill the prepared sandy loam around the soil ball, fill the soil and compact it so that the roots fit snugly.

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