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2.5 Inch Square Black Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers

The temperature regulation in the shed is mainly achieved by means of heat preservation, ventilation and ventilation(square nursery pots). Some crops have high temperature requirements, such as watermelon and melon, and the temperature is required to be 25 to 30 during the day, 10 ° C stopped growing, 5 ° C that suffered from freezing damage(72 cell propagation trays). The humidity in the greenhouse is usually high, the relative humidity during the day is 70% to 90%, and it often reaches 100% at night and condenses into water droplets.

(2.5 inch square black plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)In winter, the greenhouse film must be as tight as possible(black plastic nursery pots), with wind barriers on the north (closed to the north gate), small and medium-arch sheds in the greenhouse, and multiple layers of film covering at night (take 3 sheds, 4 layers, 5 to 6 membranes to cover insulation) ), so the soil temperature in the shed is relatively stable, usually can be maintained at 10 ~ 20 ° C(200 cell seed starting trays), to meet the needs of crop growth and development.

As soon as the temperature rises above 30 °C, immediately open the ventilation openings on both sides(wholesale nursery pots), adjust the vents, and try to stabilize the temperature in the shed at 25~30 °C. If you encounter cold weather such as continuous rain in winter, you need to use artificial heating method to increase the temperature inside the shed(72 cell plug trays supplier). The soil method can be used to set up multiple coal cake stoves in the shed to heat (but people must prevent carbon monoxide poisoning when entering the shed).

(2.5 inch square black plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)In the rainy weather, the temperature in the shed does not change much(plastic nursery pots wholesale); the minimum temperature in the shed at night is generally 1 to 3 °C higher than the outside world. The suitable temperature for growing vegetables generally requires 20 to 30 °C during the day, 10 to 20 °C at night, and growth below 40 °C below 5 °C. Conditions can be heated by equipment such as electric heating lines and diesel heaters(128 cell plug trays supplier). Cover the material and minimize the evaporation of soil moisture.

The temperature in the summer shed can reach 60-65 °C(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The specific method: the temperature inside the shed is very high, the vents around the greenhouse must be fully opened, and the maximum temperature in the shed (1.8m or less) can be kept at about 40 °C, so that vegetables and watermelons can be grown (the author's experience), such as The temperature is too high(seed starting trays supplier), and the top of the greenhouse can be covered with a shade net for cooling.(2.5 inch square black plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)

The soil in the shed is filled with water, and it is easy to cause disease outbreaks(plastic nursery pots). This is the drawback of the southern greenhouse (more rainy days), so the dehumidification work in the greenhouse is very important. The air humidity in the shed is adjusted in the winter, mainly in combination with ventilation and cooling(128 cell seed trays wholesale). When the weather is fine, it should be ventilated and dehumidified in time; all the sheds should be covered with mulch, and the areas not covered (ditch), straw, chaff, etc.

(2.5 inch square black plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)In the summer, the plastic hose is laid under the plastic film for sprinkler irrigation(plug trays wholesale). The drip irrigation facilities can be used under certain conditions. The spraying of pesticides in the shed should be carried out on sunny days. If it is necessary to spray, use fumigant and dust. Through the above measures, the humidity of the air in the shed can be greatly reduced(32 cell plug trays supplier). Under appropriate conditions, increasing light can generally enhance the photosynthesis of crops and increase crop yields, especially for hi-light crops.

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