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Tiny Round Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale NZ

Huayou likes Phalaenopsis, and thinks that Phalaenopsis is difficult to serve(15 gallon pot). Some flower friends even choose to abandon it after the flower thank you. Phalaenopsis is very good, even better than the potted jasmine and Milan that are common in the north. Phalaenopsis, the treasure in the orchids. The ancestral habitat is tropical and humid, but it is not difficult to raise indoors with heating in the north(10 gallon nursery pots). It is expensive to raise flowers, and the roots are strong and the plants are strong, and vice versa.(tiny round plastic plant pots wholesale nz)

In the north, many people buy phalaenopsis home before and after the Spring Festival, and the air is often dry(blow molded nursery pots). The butterfly orchids sold on the market, the plant material is too tightly packed, and the water retention is too strong. The buyers who do not understand the culture often like to buy the pots to buy them home, so the death of flowers is the status quo of many people farming phalaenopsis in the north. Breeding phalaenopsis with water moss, changing pots in time(plastic nursery pots), and properly filling the sphagnum moss is the key to raising phalaenopsis.

(tiny round plastic plant pots wholesale nz)The basic steps are as follows: soak the water moss with water(20 gallon pot), remove all kinds of impurities mixed in the water moss, squeeze out the water in the moss, just like making dumplings, leave it as spare, cut off the dried roots of the moth orchid, rotten Root, put a little water moss on the bottom of the transparent basin, you can also use the big Coke bottle, remember to smear some holes and leak the water(seedling tray price), put the roots into the pot, loose the water moss into the roots, can not be filled Tight.

In fact, in order to moisturize, do not water after the basin, and put it in the scattered light for one week(1 gallon nursery pots). Normal maintenance, after the surface water moss is dry, watering by spraying, until the bottom of the water flows out, do not need all the moss to be soaked, not to soak the basin(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Breeding in this way, not only can change the basin all year round, the flowering period is no exception, but also can save many dead phalaenopsis, make it back to health, and bloom every year.

(tiny round plastic plant pots wholesale nz)Cutting is actually very simple. Simply put, it can be used after the water is blown out(injection molded nursery pots). It is so simple. Of course, if you use specific usage, there are many. This article gives examples of several common uses. . First of all, the flower buddy should make clear that dry water moss is a form of sphagnum moss(5 gallon nursery pots). The reason why it is dried is to facilitate storage and transportation, and the use of sphagnum in gardening is used as a medium.

Although the winter is cold(2 gallon nursery pots), the indoor heating, the insectivorous medium, and the insectivorous plants mostly use water moss as a medium. Some flower friends use water moss as a cutting medium, such as cutting roses or other plants. Some flower friends will ask, can dry water moss feed(7 gallon nursery pots)? This is almost impossible, but unless there is individual death, but the chance is very small, if you want to raise water moss, it is best to buy live water moss.

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