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4 Inch Square Plastic Nursery Pots Bulk Buy

Compared with the traditional seedling raising method(plug trays), it has obvious advantages and is also in line with the policy development of China's green economy, modern agriculture and scientific and technological agriculture. After introduction, absorption and utilization, China has basically mastered a full set of floating seedling technology(cell trays), mainly used in tobacco seedlings, and vegetable seedlings have not been fully developed. There are few related research reports.

Research is necessary(square nursery pots). At this time, the float floating seedling is in a plastic greenhouse or in a greenhouse, and the floating tray is filled into the artificial The optional light nutrient substrate suitable for the growth and development of vegetables, and then float floating in a pool containing mineral nutrient solution(2 gallon plant container wholesale), so that the seeds complete the whole process of germination, growth and seedling formation in such an environment.(4 inch square plastic nursery pots bulk buy)

The roots of the seedlings fully absorb water and nutrients(seed starter trays). The floating seedling technique began in the late 1980s and was first used in tobacco breeding in the United States and succeeded. Therefore, the float floating seedling technology originated in the United States and has developed rapidly. It has been growing year by year(gallon plant pot). It has matured in developed countries, and its production is basically fully mechanized and automated.(4 inch square plastic nursery pots bulk buy)

The float floating seedling is a soilless planting technique. Its principle is that a seed is sown in a floating plate(wholesale greenhouse pots). The floating plate absorbs the water and nutrients in the pool through the capillary absorption of the matrix on the basis of a certain nutrient matrix. Provide sufficient conditions for seed growth and development(gallon nursery pots). At present, floating floating seedling technology is developing well in China, and it has been tried in various plant fields, and vegetables are among them.

Therefore, the technology of floating seedlings for vegetables is carried out(greenhouse supplies pots). It has been widely used in tobacco, flowers, vegetables and other fields. In addition, the floating plate refers to a grid made of expanded polystyrene material, which is one of the methods of soilless seedling cultivation. Floating disk floating technology is a green and environmentally friendly technology product(black plastic plant pots). After sowing, the substrate is covered and the thickness is about 2 mm.

(4 inch square plastic nursery pots bulk buy)It belongs to soilless seedlings, reduces soil-borne diseases, and its environment for growing environment is cleaner and the pests and diseases are also reduced(plastic grow pots). The roots grow well and are uniform, and the seedling growth rate and survival rate after transplanting are higher than those of traditional seedlings(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). It can also reduce the amount of fertilizer, save seedling costs, save resources and land, and facilitate transportation.

It is necessary not only to control the amount of water sprayed in the initial matrix, but also to maintain moderate humidity(flat plastic tray). Too high a level often results in overfilling, while too low a level can cause unrealistic filling. It is difficult to fully extract the nutrient solution and dry the hole at the root of the substrate(cheapest 2 gallon pots). After the substrate is loaded, one or two seeds are planted at the center of each hole. Large-area seeding can be mechanized sowing with a seeder to improve work efficiency.(4 inch square plastic nursery pots bulk buy)

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