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The younger the physiological age of the plant, the stronger the regeneration ability of the explants, and the greater the possibility of successful cultivation(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). Woody plants on the same plant closer to the base of the branches, the younger the physiological age. The physiological age of the seeds is the youngest. roots generally use root tips as explants. It will sink to the bottom of the bottle and die due to hypoxia.

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Herbal plants should also choose tender leaves as explants in the seedling stage, and it is easy to achieve better results with flower buds as explants when they are mature(seedling tray 128 holes). The third method is more suitable for the rapid propagation of discarded plants(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). agar solid medium has been widely used(105 cell propagation trays). Static culture generally uses filter paper as a support and puts the culture on the filter paper, which is called paper bridge method. 

Callus is first formed on the medium for inducing wound tissue, and then the callus is transferred to the differentiation medium to induce adventitious shoots and roots(200 cell trays). Roots as explants have many advantages in in vitro culture, such as active cell generation spectrum, rapid growth, stable genetic traits, and the elimination of microbial interference(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). If you master this rule, you can often get twice the result with half the effort.

If the agar concentration is too high, the medium will become very hard, and nutrients will be difficult to diffuse into the cultivated plant tissues(18 cell seed starting trays). is especially used for the rapid asexual reproduction of various plants, such as the cultivation of stem tips, leaves and roots of floral plants(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). The establishment of technology for inducing embryogenesis from suspension cell culture is the basis of artificial seed engineering.

If the agar concentration is too low, the medium will become thin and not solidified, and the culture will become weak(105 cell seed trays). If the agar concentration is appropriate and the medium does not solidify, it means that the medium is acidic and the pH must be adjusted(128 cell seedling trays). When plant materials are cultured in a liquid medium without agar, it is called liquid culture(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). Moreover, due to the effect of mechanical impact on cells, they are dispersed into single cells.

Add 0.4%~1.0% agar that has been melted beforehand to the prepared liquid medium, and cool it at room temperature(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). Cells before or after flower induction are prone to dedifferentiation to form callus, and then differentiate into regenerated plantlets, so explants are often taken from flower buds in the early stages of development(128 cell trays). The advantage of solid medium is that it is easy to use and does not need special equipment.

Because the culture established on this semi-solid medium is easy to preserve, and it can get better results for various purposes(200 cell seedling trays). Therefore, the disadvantage of solid culture is that only part of the tissues or cells of the explant are in contact with the culture medium(72 cell tray). As a result, the upper and lower parts of the culture are different due to uneven nutrient reception, and it is not easy to make the cell population uniform(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae).

Suspension cell culture is of great significance for the rapid breeding of high-quality varieties(72 cell seed trays), and the recently developed artificial seed engineering technology, especially the technology of mass production of artificial seeds using bioreactor suspension cell culture, will cause a major change in plant seed reproduction(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). The rotating bed speed is generally 1 ~ 2 minutes, which is suitable for the study of morphogenesis. 

The purpose is to prevent the culture from sinking in the culture medium due to gravity and causing decay and death due to long-term non ventilation(105 cell seedling trays). The culture medium in the bottle is very close to the paper bridge, and the paper bridge foot is inserted on the bottom of the bottle. Put the culture bottle indoors for static culture(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). The advantages of this method are large contact area between culture and air and good ventilation.

One strand is 15 of the container to avoid being magnetized to the bottle stopper(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). This oscillatory culture is obtained from the lateral buds at different positions on the main stem of the same rose(40 cell plug tray). When cultured in vitro, it is found that the more the lateral buds close to the base, the more the number of adventitious buds and the higher the rooting rate(50 cell plug flats). Liquid culture is divided into static culture and shaking culture.

For some experimental systems, the effect of liquid medium is better than that of agar solidified medium(72 cell plug flats). It is not easy to damage the root and seedling when taking the seedling out of the bottle. Washing the seedling and bottle is more labor-saving. Generally, 22ml liquid can be added to the 200ml triangular bottle, so that about half of the culture can be exposed on the bottom of the bottle(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). The agar gels the medium.

Therefore, the maintenance culture must be timely, otherwise the culture will stop growing or even die due to lack of nutrition(40 cell seed tray inserts). For rapid propagation, it is a good way to save agar (which accounts for about 70% of the cost of culture medium), electricity, labor and cost(24 cell seed trays). Fix the vessel containing culture and liquid medium on a rotating bed or shaking table for periodic immersion culture or continuous immersion culture(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae).

The use of rotating bed for protocorm culture and proliferation of orchids has achieved good results in industrial scale production(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). The shaking table is faster than the rotating bed, 30 ~ 400 times per minute, and the oscillation amplitude is 2 ~ 4cm. Generally, the success rate of induction is high in spring(50 deep cell plug trays). The developmental age (physiological age) of explants is closely related to its morphogenetic type and further development.

As a result, the upper and lower parts of the culture showed a gradient in development and growth due to the uneven reception of nutrients(32 cell tray). After improvement, the liquid shallow static culture method is adopted. During sub packaging, the culture medium should be put less and pay attention to maintaining the shallow layer(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). Make the culture evenly contact with the culture medium in the bottle and maintain good ventilation(20 cell plant trays).

Using suspension cell culture technology can produce a large number of artificial seeds, which has a great development prospect(6 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers uae). It should be noted that the culture period is shortened due to the rapid growth of the culture and the lack of nutrient solution, which can generally maintain the growth of 3 ~ 4 weeks(32 cell plug tray). Not only the cells were immersed in the culture medium, but the nutrition was still absorbed through the base of the explant.

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