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First of all, the fruit growers should choose the varieties with high complete flower rate, seed reproduction(seed starting trays supplier), strong self flowering and frost resistance, late flowering, early fruit and high yield as the main varieties, which is the key to improve the fruit setting rate(200 cell plant trays bulk). In addition, early, middle and late maturing varieties can also be selected to reduce the losses caused by early spring frost.

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Apricot varieties should not be too single, some of them are self sterile and can be properly configured with 2-3 varieties to stop pollination(seed propagation trays). The growth rate is fast, and the proportion of pollination trees to main varieties can be stopped by 1:4(32 cell plant trays bulk). It is an effective measure to reduce flower abortion, increase fruit setting rate and increase yield to strengthen tree vigor, increase nutrient accumulation and improve flower bud quality.(cheap 20 inch plastic planter manufacturers canada)

How to improve the fruit setting rate of apricot is the key to high yield(plastic cell trays supplier). After flowering, apricot trees consume a lot of nutrients, young fruits and new shoots begin to develop vigorously. The base fertilizer should be applied in autumn, it should be applied as early as possible. When deep somersault, try to reduce the injured root, especially the shaft root(50 cell plant trays bulk). The base fertilizer mainly consists of stable manure, compost and human manure. 

(cheap 20 inch plastic planter manufacturers canada)What should we do? Give you some suggestions(plastic potting pots). On the basis of applying base fertilizer in autumn, it is also necessary to apply fertilizer at the right time: the pre bud fertilization should be stopped 15 days before the apricot tree blooms(50 cell seed trays wholesale). It is recommended to apply about 1kg of NPK fertilizer to each apricot tree, and mix it with human manure and urine or human and animal manure and biological bacterial fertilizer.

This time, high potassium fertilizer should be the main fertilizer, supplemented by nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer(seed starting trays wholesale), and the effect of mixed application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with farmyard fertilizer is very good. 15~20 days before fruit picking, the rate of fruit expansion was accelerated(seed planting trays wholesale). The amount of fertilizer application should be flexibly controlled according to the age, tree potential, fruit amount and fertilizer type.

This fertilization should be stopped 15-20 days after flowering, mainly nitrogen fertilizer(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Apricot has a large number of flowers due to its short flowering period, but its natural fruit setting rate is very low. The young fruit expanded rapidly after falling flowers, and the apricot trees could be applied with foliar fertilizer 20 days before falling leaves(18 cell plug trays supplier). During the period of 3-4 years for young trees, the whole garden should be thoroughly turned once.(cheap 20 inch plastic planter manufacturers canada)

Generally, it is suggested that fruit growers should take measures as follows: At this time, the apricot trees are flourishing and need a lot of fertilizer(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). At this time, and in September October, nitrogen and phosphorus should be used as the main fertilizer to enhance the ability of overwintering(20 cell plug trays supplier). Apricot trees are arbiters. Bees and other insects can help pollinate. Putting bees in Apricot Garden can obviously improve the fruit setting rate. 

(cheap 20 inch plastic planter manufacturers canada)If fruit farmers encounter bad weather such as low temperature, overcast day(3 gallon nursery pots bulk), rainfall or strong wind, insect activities will be blocked, which will affect pollination, so it is necessary to stop artificial pollination of apricot trees(40 cell plug trays supplier). Artificial pollination uses apricot pollen to mix pollen and starch in a ratio of 1:2, and then dip the pollen point with the rubber head of a brush or pencil and give it to the flower stigma, and it is easy to fall flowers and fruits.

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