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Plastic V12 Nursery Pots Wholesale Price South Africa

Wild ash is a weed on the roadside in the field(6 cell plant trays). It has a delicious taste and rich nutrition. Wild ash has a strong adaptability and is a semi-hardy vegetable. Wild ash can also be used to feed livestock, and seeds can be used to squeeze oil. The leaves are dark green, rhombic-ovate, 4-6 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, and the stem is green(plastic seed trays). The leaves are pale green, lanceolate, 2 to 4 cm long and 1.5 to 2 cm wide.

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It can be sown many times a year. The seeds are collected in the autumn and dried for later use(8 cell plug trays). Spring planting is best for the sowing season. After pushing the ground, apply 2000 ~ 2500 kg of soil miscellaneous fertilizer or rotten human and animal manure as the base fertilizer, plow and rake, and make silicon with a width of about 130 cm. Spread or drill after flattening the surface(105 cell seed starting trays). When spreading, remove it evenly.

(plastic v12 nursery pots wholesale price south africa)Its tender stems and leaves and seedlings can be eaten as vegetables(12 cell seed trays). After spreading, lighten the topsoil of the building and press it down, or use this board to suppress it, or sweep it down with a broom to make the seeds fall into the soil. It takes time to emerge after emergence, otherwise the seedlings will be crowded(50 cell plug trays). Powdery mildew is controlled with 6000-8000 times solution of 40% Fuxing (flusilazole).

The row spacing of the ditching trench is 20 cm. After sowing, cover the soil with fertilizer or cover with a layer of soil(18 cell seed trays). In case of dryness, water the seedlings for 4 to 5 days. Seedlings can also be raised from early October to December. Seed 0.5 ~ 1 kg per square meter. The seedlings are 8-10 cm high and can be cut when there are 3 to 4 leaves(72 cell seedling trays). Transplanted plants have a row spacing of 20 cm x 30 cm, with 5500-6500 plants per 667 m2.

For the first harvest of the combined use of fat vegetables, 5 to 6 leaves, 4 to 5 young leaves are picked(36 cell seed trays). The irrigation of the hoe is based on the growth characteristics and growth stages of lotus roots. After the application of base fertilizer, it can no longer be topdressed, and it can be irrigated in a timely manner when there is no rain(105 cell plant trays). Artificially cultivated wild ash is better than wild wild ash, and it is also more secure. Fine reddish stripes.(plastic v12 nursery pots wholesale price south africa)

5 to 6 thin leaves of true leaves can be sold(garden pots wholesale). Generally, it grows fast in the fertile and humid soil. After each seedling or picking young seedlings, 20% ~ 30% organic fertilizer solution can be fertilized and fermented, and 500 ~ 1000 kg of urea per 667 square meters is poured on 5 ~ 10 kg of urea(128 cell seedling trays). When the height of the seedlings is 10-15 cm and there are 10 true leaves, the young stems and leaves of the seedlings can be pulled at intervals. 

Generally, it can be harvested once every 15 to 20 days, and it can be harvested in batches(50 deep cell plug trays). The row spacing of the planted fields is 20 to 10 cm, and leaves are not picked. Due to the long flowering period of wild ash, the seeds are not mature, and the seeds are harvested in batches from May to June(plastic garden pots). Use a dustpan or plastic cloth to lay it next to the plant, pat the mature seeds, collect the seeds, and thresh them for storage.

(plastic v12 nursery pots wholesale price south africa)After the concrete has set, semi-underground methods are generally adopted for the construction of dryland ponds(plastic plant trays wholesale). The shape of the ponds can be determined according to the topography and geology of the bottom of the pond, square and rectangular(200 cell plug trays supplier). Harvested when the peel is hard and golden in color, the yield of 667m2 is about 5000kg, and the gourd can be stored for a long time at normal temperature.

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