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Cheap 9 cm Square Plastic Plant Pots UK

With the improvement of the spiritual civilization and material living standards of modern people, many families are increasingly interested in flower arrangement(9cm square plastic plant pots). A good flower arrangement should have a beautiful shape, a beautiful color and a beautiful artistic concept, making it a noble and noble work of art. It is mainly achieved through the links of intentional materials and flower arrangement techniques(seedling trays). Flower arrangement is like painting.

First cut off the residual leaves, twigs, thorns, etc. on the selected flowering branches(plastic plant trays wholesale). When pruning, pay attention to the principle of “compliance with nature”, and preserve the natural and natural posture of the material itself. Then, according to the composition requirements, the flower branches are cut into different materials such as short, thick, and curved(gallon pot), and the base of the flower branches is cut into oblique grooves.(cheap 9 cm square plastic plant pots uk)

It must be “intentional to the pen”, that is, it is necessary to think about the theme of the work before the flower arrangement(1 gallon pots). When the flowering branches are selected, only seven or eighty of them are bloomed, and there is an ideal for containing flower buds. The height of the vase and other containers should be coordinated with the height of the squid(2 gallon nursery pots). That is, flowers are real, leaves are imaginary, and flower arrangements must have flowers and leaves.

(cheap 9 cm square plastic plant pots uk)If the flower branch is too long, the center of gravity is unstable, which makes people feel top-heavy(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers); the short branches of flowers and the tall vases are very unsightly. When arranging flowers, the main flower is selected as the main branch, which is inserted into the container as a skeleton(15 gallon pots), and then the flower and the foliage plant with smaller flowers are inserted into the bottle as auxiliary materials and leaves.

If there is no concept(3 gallon nursery pots), lack, and many flower branches are inserted together, to make the flower arrangement artistic, you need to master the skill of flower arrangement: that is, the position of the flower branches should be high and low, staggered before and after, do not insert on the same horizontal line, and do not make the flower branches equal(20 gallon pots). That is, flowers and leaves should not be arranged at equal distances, but should be dense and dense.

Generally, the height of the flowering branches is 1.5-2 times that of the vase(plastic terracotta pots). That is, the upper and lower squid branches should echo each other around the main branches, so that the squid is maintained in a holistic and balanced manner. The containers are flexible and can be used for tea cups, bamboo tubes, wine bottles and children's toys used in daily life(5 gallon nursery pots). There are many different forms of flower arrangement.(cheap 9 cm square plastic plant pots uk)

That is, the flower buds are on the top, the flowers are on the bottom, the light colors are on, and the dark colors are on the bottom(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Generally scattered. Now we introduce several common forms of family flower arrangement: natural flower arrangement, we must consider the natural form of flowers in the conception of ballots and production(7 gallon nursery pots), fully demonstrating the natural beauty and artistic beauty of the work.

(cheap 9 cm square plastic plant pots uk)When arranging flowers, pay attention to the basic balance between the flowers, leaves, branches, etc.(plastic plant pots), between the branches and the container. Insert a few beautifully chrysanthemums, orchids, or pine, bamboo, plum and other flower branches, elegant style, quite popular with people. Wild fun flower arrangement, you can use wildflowers and aquatic plants as the main material for flower arrangement(10 gallon pots). Arranged, it will appear dull and lacking in artistry. 

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