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Longevity flower, known as Christmas indigo, is a perennial fleshy herb(propagation tray). Many friends may literally think that this is a vegetable. Actually, it is not. Longevity flower is one of the plants belonging to Sedum, and can also be called Shouxinghua and Jialehua. Then how to raise longevity flowers? How to prevent and cure pests and diseases(cheap plastic plant pots bulk)? Longevity flowers have become the fastest growing potted flowers in potted flowers because they are loved by the public.

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(cheap nursery supplies pots wholesale suppliers australia)Because it blooms around Christmas, it can also be called Christmas longevity flower(plug trays). Many friends buy home and don't know how to raise them. Xiaobian sums up the maintenance skills for you: The origin of Changshouhua comes from Madagascar, Africa, and likes to grow in a warm environment, so the ideal temperature is between 15-25 degrees. If it is too high or too low, it may cause the frostbite of the plant to cause sunburn(wholesale greenhouse pots), which will make the longevity flower go to sleep, and the flowers will not be satisfactory.

Because it is a plant that likes a warm environment, it is also a joy to the sun(gallon plant pot). In the winter, you can put longevity flowers in a sunny place, do not need to avoid direct sunlight, but also play a photosynthesis. In the summer, when you encounter a dormant period, you should remove the potted plants from the shade and keep them ventilated(square nursery pots). The requirements for soil for longevity flowers are not high, fertile and loose are the basis, and sandy soil with humin content is better.(cheap nursery supplies pots wholesale suppliers australia)

In the proportion of soil, you can find the professionals to buy in the flower market to match, so that you can take care of yourself later(cell trays). There is a principle for watering longevity flowers, and the water in the soil is dried and then poured. This is to avoid rotting roots at the base of the pelvic floor and to effectively control the yellowing of the leaves. Pay attention to controlling the amount of water every time you water the water(greenhouse supplies pots). You should not allow water to accumulate in the pot and keep the humidity of the soil. Longevity flowers also have pests and diseases, mainly aphids, scale insects, powdery mildew.

The growth rate of aphids on longevity flowers is very fast, so everyone should pay more attention to observation(gallon nursery pots). It can be found that after the occurrence of aphids, the use of Lego emulsifiable concentrate and professional pesticides can be used. The scale insects are often caused by environmental problems such as ventilation and temperature. After they are found, they can be cleaned with a clean soft cloth or treated with professional chemicals(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Powdery mildew powdery mildew is familiar to everyone, garlic juice can be prevented.(cheap nursery supplies pots wholesale suppliers australia)

Before the discovery of powdery mildew, everyone can spray some garlic juice on the leaves to prevent it(black plastic plant pots). This is convenient for subsequent plant growth and reduces the occurrence of powdery mildew. The flowering period of longevity flower is relatively long. Because of the bright colors appearing around Christmas, many friends will buy it as a special flower for the festival. Friends who like longevity flowers can carefully cultivate at home according to the above methods(flat plastic tray), and it is a good choice to give friends and relatives before and after the holiday season.

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