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Therefore, looking at the same kind of flower plants in the same leaf color will inevitably make people feel tired and tired(wilson garden). The leaves of the tiger Piran grow very strange, and it is a rare and unique plant(1 gallon pots manufacturer). Although the main color of the tiger skin is still green, and it can keep the seasons evergreen, the leaves have a horizontal patch of light green and dark green.

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Tiger Piran has mottled, large leaves and is very ornamental(square grow pots). Leaf margins also have their own characteristics and are well distinguished from other flower plants. Many pot friends like to raise a pot of such plants at home. However, there were some friends who discovered that the tiger Piran had been raised for a long time, but he had never seen it grow new leaves(2 gallon pots manufacturer). So, what about tiger Piran without long side buds and new leaves?

(cheap plastic 72 cell plug trays manufacturer)It takes a long time to cause root rot. When we choose a larger flower pot for Tiger Piran, the depth must be controlled(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). For the watering of tiger Piran, the original principle is generally adhered to the principle of “seeing dry and wet”, watering can not be too diligent, and can not allow water to accumulate in the basin(7 gallon pots manufacturer), so as to promote the growth of tiger Piran, it is expected to grow. Come out with new leaves.

However, large flower pots are usually deeper, and they also affect the air exchange at the roots(sureroot plug trays bulk). If the permeability of the soil is poor, the soil should be loosened or replaced in time. Therefore, the growth of the tiger skin is affected by root rot and nematodes, causing root damage and rot(1 gallon pots distributor). At the same time, it is placed in a sunny and warm place where it can receive the scattered light. Let's take a look at what's going on!

On the other hand, if too much water is poured and the frequency is too high, it is easy to cause water in the basin to cause rotten roots(large plastic terracotta pots). The normal growth of the plants has been affected, and naturally it will not grow new leaves. Therefore, watering the tiger Piran must be scientific and reasonable(2 gallon pots distributor). Poor air permeability in the roots will also slow down the growth of the tiger skin, and it will also bring the risk of rotten roots.(cheap plastic 72 cell plug trays manufacturer)

In nature, only a few plants have unique leaf colors(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Therefore, if the potting soil does not have a knot, but only the cover soil is too thick, then the surface soil should be cleaned up in time, if the upper root of the tiger peel is slightly exposed. Moreover, combined with the correct maintenance management of the above three aspects(3 gallon pots distributor), it is generally seen that the tiger buds grow side buds and new leaves in about one month.

(cheap plastic 72 cell plug trays manufacturer)If the tiger skin is badly rooted and the soil ball has an odor(plastic plant trays wholesale), it is necessary to wash the soil, cut off the rotten roots, replant, and soak the roots with potassium permanganate-800 times before planting, which can prevent corrosion and promote roots. After planting, put it in a cool place for a week, and stop the fertilizer to control the water during this period(5 gallon pots distributor). For the already dead roots, the tiger skin can be replanted on the pot.

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