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High Quality Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers Holland

Most of the artificially assisted pollinating pear varieties have a low self-flowering rate, and some varieties are not self-flowering(propagation tray). In addition to the pollinating trees, artificial assisted pollination should also be provided. Collection and preservation of pollen The varieties that can collect pollen include Nanguo pear, Xie Huatian, Honghua cover, and sorbus with pollen(flat plastic tray). Large and small perfumes and pointed pears have no pollen and cannot be used.

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After collecting pollen, it needs to dry for 2 ~ 3 days before use(plug trays). When collecting powder, the flowers containing buds should be collected. A rubber cut into a thin triangular block can be used as a powder receiver. handle. The two flowers will rub against the anthers and the anthers will fall off. The lower main branch can be equipped with 3 to 4 side branches(seed starter trays). If there are many pollinated pear trees, you can use bottled canned pollen and use a chicken feather pollinator to receive the pollen.(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers holland)

Remove the flower buds from the stalk (do not pick the entire flower cluster). Alkaline water application method scrapes off the diseased skin all the way until the cortex is good(gallon nursery pots), apply 1: 3 concentrated alkaline water to the diseased part, and apply it every 10-15 days. When the powder receiving tool has few pear trees and the amount of powder received is not large, a small bottle of penicillin can be used for pollen(black plastic plant pots). Trees with few flowers gather less flowers, trees with more flowers gather more.

(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers holland)Different varieties can be mixed together(gallon plant pot). After picking the flower buds, take them to the indoor anther collection by holding a flower in each hand, holding the flower holder, or removing the petals first. For sundries, spread the anthers on clean white paper and dry them in a ventilated room (do not dry them in the sun or on the kang). Use 5 ~ 7 soft chicken feathers together to form a brush head(nursery plant pots), and then insert it into a bamboo pole or tied to a wooden stick to make a pollinator.

Pollen Preservation Pollen collected locally can be used immediately(cell trays). The dried pollen can be packed in clean, dry penicillin vials and placed in a ventilated and cool place indoors. If not used immediately, the dried pollen should be wrapped in paper and stored in a desiccator. Or wrap it with sulfuric acid paper, put it in the refrigerator, and store at 0 ~ 5 ℃. 1-layer tree shape This tree shape is suitable for dry varieties such as small perfumes, apple pears, etc(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Use a small sieve to sift out the petals.

The method of powder collection is generally early harvesting, which can also be combined with thinning flowers(square nursery pots). When receiving powder, use a rubber powder receiver to dip it from the pollen bottle, select the newly opened flower, and gently tap the stigma. The old tree should be more sparse, and the young tree should be less sparse or not. On a tree, the branches with more flowers are more sparse, and the branches with less flowers are not sparse(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The diseased leaves rot and rot and sag.

This method has high pollination efficiency, but the amount of pollen used is large(plastic grow pots). The pollination time and method generally take 9 to 11 days, and the best pollination time is 1 to 2 days. However, a tree or a cluster of flowers does not bloom at the same time, so it is necessary to pollinate the first time when a tree blooms 20%, and the second pollination when it blooms 60% to full bloom(128 cell seed trays wholesale). If there are less than 3 main branches, they can be completed next year.(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers holland)

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