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High Quality Plastic Planters For Sale South Korea

Full light spray. It is referred to as "light fog insertion method"(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is a kind of rapid flower propagation method, which is characterized by the use of natural sunlight and temperature, as well as automatic water spray, artificially create a microclimate environment to promote early root growth and rapid growth of flowers(v16 nursery pots). This method can be applied to those who have the conditions to grow flowers in urban and rural families.

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The propagation time was from May to September in Shanghai(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). The number of spray heads can be determined according to the size of the seedbed area. The best choice of supporting branches is the tender branches of the same year, and the branches of the next year are also suitable. In sunny weather, spray should be continuous. Stop spraying on rainy days. On cloudy days, spray can stop(grass plug trays). Spray should continue at night at 35 degree high temperature.

(high quality plastic planters for sale south korea)Seedbed selection(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). Choose a sunny, well ventilated open space as a small seedbed, its area can be large or small, small has 1 square meter area can be. It is built with bricks about 15 cm high, and there are drainage holes, which are filled with ridge chaff ash, vermiculite or perlite as medium(farm tray). Installation of tap water spray pipe (with small hole spray head) and switch tap. After the cuckoo survives, it will be in full bloom in about 2 years.

Generally, a sprout head per square metre of seedling bed can spray all the water sprayed onto the leaves of the flower support bar(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). In this way, after about a month, the base of the cuttings will be healed to take root, and new tender leaves will be sent out from the terminal buds or lateral buds. It must be noted that the soil on the root system should not be removed when transplanting, so that the survival rate is high(rootmaker trays). Methods of transplanting.

When these young leaves grow to 1 ~ 2 cm in size, it shows that they have a considerable root system(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). At this time, the glass bottle cover can be removed on rainy days, and the cuttings will become a vigorous new seedling. Folding and inserting method. Most flowers can be planted from late April to October(288 plug tray). The length of opening strip is about 10 ~ 15 cm, 2 ~ 3 leaves are left at the end of branch, and the base leaves are removed.(high quality plastic planters for sale south korea)

The depth of inserting into the medium is 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the length of the supporting strip(128 cell plug trays supplier). When inserting, use fingers to tighten the medium so that the supporting strip can be closely combined with the medium. The distance between plants can be denser. Generally, the leaves do not overlap with each other, and there is no need for shade. Spray method(200 cell plug trays). Tap water spray time should be determined according to different climatic conditions.

(high quality plastic planters for sale south korea)In this way, after 20 ~ 30 days or so, cuttings are easy to take root and survive(40 cell plug tray wholesale). If the cuttings were dipped in rooting powder or 500 ppm acetic acid solution for 12 hours, the rooting speed would be faster. When 2-3 new leaves grow on the top of the supporting strip, it means that it has been completely survived. At this time, it can be dug up separately with roots and soil and transplanted into other flowerpots or ground planting(soil block trays). The specific methods are as follows.

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