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High Quality Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Price Sri Lanka

In addition to paying attention to watering, loosening soil and weeding(germination tray price), it is necessary to apply nitrogen based fertilizer once or twice in spring and autumn. According to the determination of relevant landscape experts, not only has the protection function to the cement building, but also can play the role of preventing heatstroke and cooling in midsummer(32 cell tray). These flowers can be planted in the field or raised in pots.

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It not only has the advantages of large green coverage area, but also has the function of purifying air and preventing heatstroke(72 cell plant tray). For some flowers that avoid scorching sun and like half shade in summer, it is necessary to create a half overcast environment artificially, such as Du Penghua, camellia, orchid, Lingjian lotus, county flower, gardenia, Phyllostachys pubescens(v13 nursery pots), Chlorophytum, etc., under the hot sun, bamboo curtain can be used for shade.(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale price sri lanka)

Families also need to dry their clothes and dry their quilts(heavy duty plug trays). In some European countries, sending ivy to express their wish for wedding celebration; sending lilies to represent pure love; sending red tulips to express love; sending spring flowers to express "first love"; sending lilacs to express "my heart belongs to you"; sending lilacs to express "purity" or "let us love each other"; To send Begonia means "sincere friendship"(288 cell tray); to send orchid means "sincerity".

They are evergreen all the year round and quite lively(7 gallon pots). In the spring, summer and autumn festivals, there are also pots of Tieshu, sunflower, basil, fortune tree, green pineapple, all kinds of evergreen flowers, brown bamboo, Pu Luo, pan ye, pocket coconut, cold water flower, etc. among them, Tieshu, Zongzhu, pukui are quite interesting in "southern scenery"(50 cell plug flats). The maintenance and management of this kind of flowers is extensive, rope or along the wall.

(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale price sri lanka)If you can potted vines, honeysuckle and other climbing plants in the corner of the balcony, and hang ropes on the bamboo shed, the balcony area is limited, Qianxiang(50 cell tray): although some houses have balconies, patios, etc., but the direction is north, or although they face southeast, there are high buildings to block, usually there is little light(1 gallon nursery pots). In addition, we can also plant climbing plants such as ivy and Parthenocissus tricuspidata.

In the public housing groups in the city center or the suburbs, there are such spaces everywhere, and there are conditions for such greening(72 cell plug flats). To be specific, it is to borrow the open space at the foot of the wall, or build a small flower bed (borrowed land) on the cement ground beside the wall, plant a few Parthenocissus or ivy, wind them together(5 gallon nursery pots), and let them stand on the wall (borrow the wall), climb up, so that after a short time, they can form a green barrier.

That is to say: vertical greening covers a very small area, and its management and maintenance are extensive(15 gallon nursery pots). In addition, grape, Lycium barbarum, honeysuckle, Aucklandia, wisteria, Lingxiao, caries, etc. are planted in pots or in brick flower beds by making use of one corner of patio or balcony or roof platform, after the roof platform is afforested in this way, and climbing upward through scaffolding(nursery tray price). We should borrow land, wall and sky for greening.(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale price sri lanka)

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