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Large Black 15 Inch Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk

The management work has been done, and the yield and quality of the cucumber can be guaranteed(110mm plastic grow pots). Let's take a look at the key management tasks after cucumber planting. The seedlings are promoted within one week after planting, white peony 25-32 ° C, night 15-17 ° C. After the seedlings are slowed down, the amount of air should be increased(16cm plastic grow pots). The temperature difference between day and night is increased to control the growth of the aboveground part.(large black 15 inch plastic plant pots in bulk)

When harvesting melons in a cloudy day, the consumption of melons is reduced(120mm plastic grow pots). When applying, first dissolve the fertilizer with water and top dress. At the same time, the blade is too large, which will also affect the increase of ground temperature and the development of roots. As the amount of melon is increased, nutrients are added in time. According to the harvesting amount and plant performance, the type and quantity of top dressing are affirmed(13cm plastic grow pots). Generally, at the beginning of the fourth water, the fertilizer is topdressed with water.

(large black 15 inch plastic plant pots in bulk)The amount of topdressing should follow the guidelines of “thin fertilization and diligence” to prevent excessive amount of topdressing(12.5cm plastic grow pots). After March, the water can be separated and applied to the dilute manure and biogas slurry, but it is necessary to pay attention to the necessary fermented fermentation(16.5cm plastic grow pots). In the case of cold weather, overcast snow, and even cloudy weather, special management measures should be implemented to reduce or prevent catastrophic weather from causing losses to consumption.

At noon on sunny days, the maximum temperature should not exceed 30 °C, 15-12 °C at night(seed starting trays), and the temperature can be maintained at 10 °C before the curtain is opened in the morning. If the leaves and melon strips are darker in color, the topdressing fertilizer is mainly nitrogenous fertilizer, supplemented by phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and attention is paid to calcium and magnesium. Supplements to other trace elements(14cm plastic grow pots). As the stem grows, the stems are entangled on the sling and once every 2-3 days. 

If the plant is light in color, it is mainly based on phosphorus and potassium(12cm plastic grow pots). When the strong cold current arrives, close cold insulation, straw curtains and other coverings, indoor temporary heating, fire stove, light bulbs and other measures should be cleaned in time to avoid snow in the shed and increase the overload of the skeleton to cause the greenhouse skeleton to collapse(19cm plastic grow pots). Under the condition that the indoor temperature is not significantly affected, the straws are uncovered as much as possible for a certain period of time.

(large black 15 inch plastic plant pots in bulk)Increase the paper quilt(plastic terracotta pots wholesale), stop the foliar topdressing after the weather is fine, and quickly supplement the nutrition and increase the humidity in the shed. If the leaves are severely wilting, the temporary return can be properly stopped. When the plant grows to 6-7 leaves and starts to grow vines, pull the vines in time(15cm plastic grow pots). Lose the value of the product, pay attention to the release of moisture after irrigation and top dressing to prevent the occurrence of gray mold.

In early spring, when the ground temperature of 10cm is stable above 8-10 °C(gallon pot). Treating the stigma and the stalk with 20x10 -6 of 2, 4-D or 60x10-6 anti-fallin can prevent the melon and promote fruit enlargement. In addition, with 500 times of baking soda, 300 times of saline solution also has a certain control effect. Use 40% deltamethrin emulsion 3000-4000 times solution(20cm plastic grow pots); 1, 8% Aifuding cream 1000-1500 times solution; 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 1500 times solution.(large black 15 inch plastic plant pots in bulk)

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