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9 Inch Commercial Plant Pot Manufacturers

In the spring, greenhouse grapes should be harvested with high yield(square grow pots). TThe second fruit was swollen with large fertilizer(plastic plant trays wholesale). After the flowering, the young fruit was inflated with 15-20 kg of urea, 30 kg of phosphate fertilizer and 30 kg of potassium fertilizer.(9 inch commercial plant pot manufacturers)

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As with open field cultivation, it is also good to perform top dressing in the greenhouse(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Foliar spray fertilizer was applied 3 times at intervals of 7 to 10 days before flowering, followed by spraying 0.3% urea, 300 times solution of amino acid compound fertilizer and 500 times solution of Jinbilai.(128 cell seedling start trays) , spraying 0.3% amino acid potassium once and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate twice.

Scientific fertilization is the key(gallon pot). Fertilization method: Topdressing can be applied by ditch. Allow indoor carbon dioxide to be replenished until it is close to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. he topdressing technology of greenhouse grapes is introduced as follows: The first sprouting fertilizer is applied to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ternary compound fertilizer (15-15-15) 50 kilogram. 

Add organic fertilizer. However, the more realistic carbon dioxide fertilization is to add organic fertilizer and ground cover straw, wheat bran, etc. in the soil, and use the improved soil structure to increase the soil permeability, thereby increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide(seed plug trays wholesale). Ventilation and ventilation time is from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and ventilation is ventilated once or twice a day.

(9 inch commercial plant pot manufacturers)The following daily ventilation starts when the temperature reaches 25 °C(nursery plant pots). If the indoor temperature continues to exceed 25 °C, the vents should be enlarged and the ventilation time should be extended to increase the carbon dioxide and cool down. This method is safe and simple, low in cost, labor-saving, and non-polluting, and can be widely promoted in the greenhouse. 

Apply solid carbon dioxide fertilizer. The solid carbon dioxide gas fertilizer is a brown oblate granule with good physical properties, stable chemical properties(32 cell seed starting trays), convenient and safe use, and long fertilizer effect. This fertilization method is currently the most advanced carbon dioxide fertilization method in China; after spraying for 10 to 15 days, foliar spraying was carried out 3 times.(9 inch commercial plant pot manufacturers)

When the temperature drops to 22 °C, the vent is closed(seed starting trays). The temperature is gradually warming up, and the temperature is still relatively low in early spring. Before the third fruit harvest, 80 kg of potassium sulfate and 50 kg of diammonium phosphate were applied. The length of ventilation and ventilation should be mastered according to the indoor temperature(128 cell seed starter trays). 

The solid particles can be buried in the soil, and the gas is released after 3 days and can be released for 90 days(large plastic terracotta pots). The method is: open a strip of 2 cm between the rows, and apply the soil after the application. However, in actual production, if a large area of vegetables has serious symptoms of lack of fertilizer(105 cell seed starting trays), it can be used as the preferred method of topdressing.

Generally, 40 to 50 kg is applied per mu(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). At present, it is only necessary to open a small ditch of 15-20 cm deep and 20 cm wide at 30-40 cm on both sides of the planting point. Immediately after the fertilizer is applied, the soil is covered and watered. Ventilation. Specifically, through the exchange of air inside and outside the shed, the rain is relatively abundant(50 cell seed starting trays). 

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