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Plastic 10 Inch Nursery Pots Wholesale Price UAE

Rice multiple crops of autumn maize are mainly distributed in the hilly areas of western Guangxi in the rice-producing areas of southern China(50 cell plant trays bulk), the hilly areas of the central plains of Zhejiang Province, and the southern areas of Anhui Province. The early rotation of rice and corn water can restore the soil aggregate structure of the paddy field(9cm plastic grow pots), exert the potential fertility of the soil, and lay a good foundation for increasing the yield of the next crop.

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Firstly, it is beneficial to Wentao crops to make full use of favorable natural factors, giving full play to the advantages of the border, and promoting the growth of output(50 cell seed trays wholesale); High yields and a good harvest throughout the year; Third, it is beneficial to farming management and crop rotation. Therefore, in the water production area with insufficient water resources(90mm plastic grow pots), it is a major measure to increase the multiple cropping index and increase grain output.(plastic 10 inch nursery pots wholesale price uae)

In the symbiotic period of wheat and corn, in the symbiotic period, due to the higher wheat plants(seed planting trays wholesale), occupying a favorable space, the obvious side row advantage is generally, which is not conducive to the advantages of side rows; the side row is the largest, the side row is the second, the third row is significantly weakened, and the fifth row basically disappears(deep cell plug trays). Most of the crops are replanted or transplanted one season after the early or middle rice harvest.

(plastic 10 inch nursery pots wholesale price uae)The fertility level of less than 400 kg per mu, the depth range is about 1 foot, and the side line within 0.5 feet is the most significant(18 cell plug trays supplier). The increase rate is 10 to 30% of the ground force level of 400,600 kg per mu. The marginal line is the most significant, with a yield increase of 20-40%; the ground force level above 600-800 kg, the depth range is about 2 feet(plastic herb pots), and the marginal line of about 1 foot is the most significant, with a yield increase of 30-50%.

In the hills of Pingba and some Zhongshan areas in Sichuan, the advantage of corn on the edge of the line is the most obvious(20 cell plug trays supplier). The edge of the edge of the second line drops sharply, and the third line basically disappears. Under the condition of medium and high fertility, the depth range of the side effect of corn is about 2 feet, and the side rows within 1 foot are the most significant(v16 nursery pots). The increase in yield under the control of the side effect is 15.4 ~ 56.7%.

In addition, intercropping and intercropping can also stagger the busy season of harvesting(40 cell plug trays supplier), which is convenient for adjusting labor, which is also of great significance in the southern corn area with abundant heat resources. Wow too wide, the number of empty bands and the number of side rows per unit area are reduced(plant plastic trays), too narrow, it will cause the unreasonable distribution of individuals between or within crops, which will inhibit the growth of individuals and affect yield. 

It is rich in caloric resources and abundant rainfall. Historically, wheat and corn are mainly cooked twice a year(104 cell plug trays supplier). The depth range of wheat side effect and yield increase effect increase with the increase of production level; the size of side effect of intercropping crops differs according to the conditions of crop combination, increase the soil temperature, number of rows planted, production level and so on(2 gallon pots for plants). It is also not convenient for mechanized operations.(plastic 10 inch nursery pots wholesale price uae)

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