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Plastic 10 x 20 Propagation Tray Wholesale Supplier

Can form the soil in the basin to harden, the nutrition ingredient is not enough, unlucky in the healthy development of flowers(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, in order to better develop flowers, it is better to change the basin once every two years or so, which can not only make up for the lack of soil moisture and nutrition in the basin(small plastic garden pots), but also accelerate the development rate of flowers. At the time of basin changing, the roots of some flowers can also be pruned, which can stimulate their further development.

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In addition, we should stop changing pots according to the development habits of flowers(90mm plastic grow pots). Generally, when flowers start to sprout, they can stop changing pots. Generally speaking, in any case, don't stop changing pots in the peak season of flower development, which can cut them open, otherwise it's easy for flowers to miss the development period, resulting in serious consequences(large plastic hanging baskets), and don't stop changing pots in the high temperature season of midsummer, so as to avoid the death of flowers.

(plastic 10 x 20 propagation tray wholesale supplier)Also, it's better not to change the basin for the flowers that are just bought home and are slowly growing(10.5cm plastic grow pots). Because the flowers at this time are relatively fragile and the roots haven't recovered, it's easy to form secondary injury when changing the basin(nursery tray price). At the time of basin change, if the original flowerpot is made of soft material, so as not to hurt the root system of flowers, try to bring more soil to the root of flowers at the time of basin change, so as to avoid bare root.

Cut the rotten root or the very old root to avoid competing for nutrients with the newly sprouted root(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). If the flower is too weak, it can stop pruning to a large extent and promote its germination of new robust branches. Three days before changing the basin, stop water first, do not water. The survival rate of basin change with soil is much higher than that of bare root(black plastic pots wholesale). Mixed application of fertilizer will cause acid-base neutralization reaction and reduce fertilizer efficiency.(plastic 10 x 20 propagation tray wholesale supplier)

After changing the basin, it is necessary to water it immediately and pay attention to keep the ventilation smooth to adapt to the new situation(10cm plastic grow pots). The best choice for changing pots is the weather with suitable climate to ensure that flowers can recover smoothly. Generally, it is most suitable when the temperature is about 20 degrees. After changing the basin, the flowers should be watered fully, and then placed in a suitable place without strong wind(plastic planters suppliers). If there is cold current, remember to put the flowers indoors to stop maintenance.

(plastic 10 x 20 propagation tray wholesale supplier)The soil in the basin is too wet and unlucky to change the basin(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Farm manure such as human and animal manure should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as calcium magnesium phosphate, straw ash and lime. The roots of flowers after changing pots are usually damaged and weak, and their ability to absorb nutrients is not high. It is better not to apply fertilizer or trim within two weeks after changing pots, so that the new leaves of flowers can develop freely(15 inch plastic plant pots), so that the roots of flowers have more power.

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