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Plastic 20 Gallon Plant Pot Suppliers In China

Although cowpea has a developed root system, the regeneration capacity of the root system is weak, so it is suitable to transplant small seedlings(blow molded nursery pots). Planting of the first pair of true leaves has not yet fully unfolded; those who use a nutrient bowl to raise seedlings can delay planting appropriately(plastic planters bulk). Planting should be carried out on a sunny day with cold tails and warm heads.

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Before planting, water the seeds in the seedbed, and then raise seedlings to eliminate abnormal seedlings such as cotyledon defects and true leaf distortion(10 gallon pot). Cowpeas are planted in two rows with a hole distance of 24-27 cm and 2-3 plants per hole. The opening of the mulch film should be small during the planting(plastic containers for plants wholesale). After the planting, the root water should be poured and then sealed with soil.(plastic 20 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)

The bamboo poles used for cowpea scaffolding are relatively long(7 gallon nursery pots). Generally, you should handle them carefully to prevent the bamboo poles from breaking through the greenhouse film. After planting, timely inspection is needed, and seedlings lacking seedlings or damaged basal leaves should be replenished in time(4 gallon planter). Generally, water the seedlings once every 3-5 days after planting, and in principle, do not water them.

(plastic 20 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)After replenishing the seedlings, they should be watered in time to ensure that these seedlings can grow simultaneously with other normal seedlings(injection molded nursery pots). Cowpeas return to seedlings before flowering and pod formation, otherwise they will cause excessive length, flowering nodes will rise, and lateral buds will germinate(five gallon pot), which can easily cause empty vines in the lower part of the plant (no pods).

It will cause the plants to grow too vigorously and consume too much nutrients, so that the buds will not get enough nutrients and cause falling flowers and pods(3 gallon pot). After sitting in the pod, both long stems and leaves, and flowering and pod formation one after another(1 gallon flower pots). Water demand increased, and more water was needed to promote fruit pod extension and expansion, increase the number of pods, and Good growth.(plastic 20 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)

The principle of cowpea topdressing is "less application before flowering, more application after flowering, and reapplication during pod setting"(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Generally, after the seedlings are survived, the seedling fertilizer is applied once, and 15% -20% of the rotten human dung and 1000 kg per mu are applied(5 inch succulent pot). After flowering, the plant turned into vigorous growth, 1500 kg of rotten human urine was applied at a concentration of 20%.

(plastic 20 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)After pod formation, 20 kg of rotten mature manure and urine of 2000 kg and 10 kg of superphosphate were applied, and then applied once every other week(25 gallon pots); 15 kg of compound fertilizer per acre could be applied each time. After erection, induce the vines counterclockwise 2-3 times to make the plant stems grow along the stent, and then let them grow naturally(11 inch plastic plant pots). Cover the mulch after leveling the palate.

After framing, the vines should be erected when the plants start to "tumble" to prevent entanglement(16cm plant pots), so as to facilitate ventilation and light transmission, and reduce falling flowers and pods. Insert one in each hole, insert a bamboo pole into the soil 15-20 cm from the base of the plant 10-15 cm(3 inch square pots), put a bamboo pole at the intersection of 4/5 of the middle and upper parts, and tie it with a rope to make a beam.

Especially after entering the harvesting period, the old and diseased leaves at the base should be removed in time according to the plant growth(15 gallon pot). When most seeds emerge, the seedbed temperature should be lowered and planted when the first pair of true leaves have formed and have not yet fully developed(7 inch plastic flower pots). In order to protect the root system, nutrient bowls can be used for seedlings if possible.(plastic 20 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)

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