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Plastic 72 Cell Succulent Plug Trays Canada

The seedling seedlings are seedling substrates based on light matrix materials such as peat soil and vermiculite(50 cell plant trays bulk), and are seeded by fine seeding and seedlings. Plug seedlings are based on light-matrix materials such as peat, vermiculite, etc., which are very suitable for seedlings(3.5 inch plant pots). Plug seedlings can also be matched with modern greenhouse technology, soilless cultivation technology, mechanical automation technology, and computer management technology to implement factory seedlings.(plastic 72 cell succulent plug trays canada)

This technology is suitable for large-scale, specialized, and commercial seedlings(50 cell seed trays wholesale). The main raw materials for the preparation of the substrate are peat and vermiculite. The selected peat requires less surface wax and good water absorption, and the pH value is about 5.0. The selected vermiculite requires a particle size of 2 to 3 mm and good foaming(germination pots). The peat soil and vermiculite are mixed in a ratio of 2:1, crushed and sieved, and 2.5 to 3 kg of 15:15:15 NPK compound fertilizer is added to the matrix per use.

(plastic 72 cell succulent plug trays canada)For tomato and eggplant, 72-hole trays can be used(18 cell plug trays supplier). For green peppers and medium-brown cabbage, 128-hole trays can be used. For celery, 288-hole and 392-hole trays are generally used, and rapeseed and lettuce are generally used. 288-hole tray. Before using the plug tray, the residual matrix in the plug tray should be removed, dried, and then the seedling tray should be placed in a closed room(plastic planters online), and the mixture should be ignited with sulfur powder and sawdust to ignite the smoke.

It is mixed with fine sand with 50% chlorothalonil or 50% carbendazim and other fungicides (0.1% to 0.5%). A few days later, when the seed buds were just unearthed(72 cell seed trays wholesale), the seedlings were placed on the seedbeds that had been prepared in the nursery greenhouse. For example, cucumber or watermelon can be used with 50-hole or 72-hole trays(10 gallon plastic container). It is added with potassium permanganate to improve the resistance of grafted seedlings. 

Manual seeding should be carried in the seedling tray, scrape off the excess matrix, then make a deep hole in each hole, dry seeds live(20 cell plug trays supplier). After sowing a single hole, cover the soil with a fine vermiculite, spray it with a watering can and place it in the germination chamber to germination(nursery planters). Because of the small distance between the holes and the high density of the vegetable seedlings, the tray seedlings should strengthen the previous management.(plastic 72 cell succulent plug trays canada)

Watermelon is an essential fruit in summer, and it is loved by people(seed planting trays wholesale). When adding fertilizer, water management is the key to the success of seedlings. The whole process of seedlings is controlled by water, and the seedling trays are kept wet and not dry, ensuring that the seedlings are not wilting and not long. During the nursery period, the seeds are placed according to the growth of the seedlings to make the seedlings grow evenly(15 gallon container). Do a good job according to the type of vegetables and the stage of growth.

After sowing, it can kill the germs around the seeds. The seedbed is drenched with water before sowing and can be planted the next day(40 cell plug trays supplier). The trays can be selected according to the seedling characteristics of different vegetables, or the prepared special matrix can be directly purchased. The tray seedlings are generally operated in an enterprise, and the 600 times solution of chlorothalonil is commonly used for spraying(6 inch nursery pots), mainly using a method of disinfecting the medicament.

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