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Ping'an tree is a kind of bright green and auspicious Lan Yu cinnamon (cinnamon, Ping'an tree). "Ping'an tree" is the elegant name of Lanyu cinnamon(3 inch square pots). The auspicious name is "peace tree", which caters to the city people's consumption psychology of advocating green, loving beauty and looking forward to peace(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It also relaxes people's nerves in the tense work, eliminates fatigue and reduces pressure. It is popular among the city people.

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Although the price is not cheap, it is still popular(11 inch plastic plant pots). The propagation and seedling raising methods of potted Ping An tree include: sowing, cutting and layering. Because the propagation of Ping'an tree is usually carried out by sowing method, it is usually planted by ditching and sowing. Seal for 2 hours, wash with clear water to remove the solution attached to the seed coat(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and then soak the seed with clear water for 24 hours to improve its germination rate.(square 2.5 inch plastic succulent pots suppliers)

After the peel and pulp are washed, the empty seeds can be floated and spread in the shade to dry(plastic containers for plants wholesale). When the seedlings of the plant grow 3-4 true leaves, liquid fertilizer shall be applied once a month, and fertilization shall be stopped after autumn to do a good job in cold prevention, and winter shall be carried out at the indoor temperature of not less than 5 ℃. It's best to cut it in the morning with dew or on cloudy days(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, the mature purple black fruit can be used for sowing in South China from September to October.

(square 2.5 inch plastic succulent pots suppliers)The seeds can be picked and sown at the same time(7 inch plastic flower pots). If the weather is not good or the nursery is not ready, the seeds can not be sown immediately. The seeds need to be stored in the shade by wet sand. Pay attention to prevent the seeds from getting moldy. Wait for the seeds to crack After dew, sow in the ground or bag(blow molded nursery pots). The cuttings should choose the branches with strong top advantage, semi lignification, strong and full growth, free of bacterial infection and bright green leaves.

Generally, it is mainly by ditching and sowing, with row spacing of 20-25cm, plant spacing of 5cm-7cm(plastic planters bulk), covering soil thickness of 1.5-2CM, covering with straw for moisture preservation, and germinating after 20-30 days. Keep the seedbed wet, remove the grass cover 2-3 times after 1 / 3 of seeds are unearthed, and then set up a shed for shade(injection molded nursery pots). If the seeds are not disinfected, they can be soaked in warm water at about 40 ℃ and the germination rate can also be increased.(square 2.5 inch plastic succulent pots suppliers)

The transplanting should be carried out as soon as possible, or the germination should be accelerated in sand bed(5 inch succulent pot), the bud seedling should be transplanted in bags, and the bag sowing or bag planting should be carried out in southern areas to produce commercial seedlings, with good results(bulk 20 gallon pots). Before cutting, the substrate should be disinfected, and 0.1% potassium permanganate or diclosone 600-800 times solution can be used for perfusion or insolation.

(square 2.5 inch plastic succulent pots suppliers)When the seedlings grow 3-4 true leaves(4 gallon planter), they can apply liquid fertilizer once a month, stop applying after autumn, and do a good job in cold prevention, so as to survive in the greenhouse temperature of no less than 5 ℃. The best cutting time is from April to may in the first half of the year, from September to October in the second half of the year, and from 22 ℃ to 28 ℃(bulk 15 gallon pots). The matrix is composed of pure vermiculite or vermiculite: peat = 1:1.

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