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Summer is the best season for eating cabbage(square nursery pots). How to grow delicious cabbage? If you want to improve its output, what should you pay attention to? Let's learn together. After watering, we need fertilizer. Generally speaking, there are two common varieties for you to choose for reference. One is bamboo leaf. As the name implies, its leaf shape is very similar to that of bamboo leaf(1 gallon plastic flower pots). This characteristic is heat-resistant and waterlogging resistant, and it grows faster in summer.

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The leaves are dark in color. If they are planted in the south in summer, they can be harvested in about 20 days(seed starter trays). There is no requirement for the soil, and it can be planted in general soil. It is the most appropriate to choose the soil with a certain moisture content and higher terrain. In the early stage, the soil should be loosened in time to improve the surface temperature(plastic growing containers). But in summer, because of the high temperature, the cabbage grows very fast, and the demand for water is higher.

(cheap plastic 98 cell plug trays manufacturers)We need to water them in time and in large quantities(wholesale greenhouse pots). If the weather is dry and the soil is dry, the taste of cabbage will be affected. Generally, when autumn comes, weeding should be carried out in time, fertilizer should be applied, pest control and so on. White rust is the easiest thing to get when growing cabbage(polypropylene plant pots). In order to avoid this disease, the first way is to implement rotation. Before planting, the seeds should be mixed with pesticides.

When the disease occurs, it is necessary to spray relevant pesticides, usually once in seven days(large plastic terracotta pots). To plant cabbage, we must choose healthy seeds and healthy land. The newly purchased seeds usually need to be soaked in 50 ℃ warm water for 30 minutes, and can only be used for planting when the temperature drops. There is also management, which should be planted in places with high terrain, good drainage and good ventilation(large black plastic flower pots). The fertilizer supply is sufficient, and some p and K fertilizers should be applied properly.

(cheap plastic 98 cell plug trays manufacturers)The water should also be sufficient(plastic grow pots). Once the disease of cabbage is found, it should be pulled out in time. In the early stage of the disease, the pesticide should be sprayed in time, once in seven days, and three times can be controlled. We must remember to harvest it in time when it grows to about 20 cm. Generally, it can be harvested two or three times, leaving two nodes on the root of the stem(9cm square plant pots). After harvest, we can keep the seeds. Generally, the seeds will mature in August and October.

It's very popular, so it's better to strengthen the management of water and fertilizer(flat plastic tray). After taking out the garlic seeds, in May, we will plant the remaining seedlings in the earth. The general distance is about one meter, with two seedlings planted in one hole. After planting, we don't need to water and fertilize, but we need to build a shed. Lead the main stem to the shed, then the lateral branches to the upper shed(round plastic flower pots). Attention should be paid to insect pests in seed retention.(cheap plastic 98 cell plug trays manufacturers)

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