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Square Plastic Planter Wholesale Suppliers Poland

Then cut a knife at the flat belt of the windward side about 10 star meters away from the ground of the rootstock(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). The knife edge is about 1.2 star meters long. Cut off the cortex.  Use the bud bone bridge to pry off the cortex of the "t" incision. The method is: cut the cortex from 0.8 ~ 1 star meters on the top of the sugar branch bud(black plastic plant pots wholesale), cut the cortex from 0.8-1 cm below the bud, and twist it slightly , draw out the tube bud sleeve.

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Massive bud grafting massive bud grafting is to peel and graft rectangular massive bud pieces(1 gallon pots manufacturer), the contact surface between the formation layer and the rootstock is large, which is conducive to survival, but the operation is relatively complex. The sugar branch surface should be covered with a thin layer of wax film evenly, placed, cooled, bundled and placed Store at 0 ℃ - 5 ℃(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). are the best grafted when the base wood leaves are flowering.

(square plastic planter wholesale suppliers poland)The bud can be sheathed on the back of the bud and cut longitudinally for one opening(2 gallon pots manufacturer), or cut off one bud sheath according to the thickness of the base wood, or leave one cortex on the Rootstock to make the bud piece coincide with the rootstock, which is called the open tube budding method, or the circular juxtaposition budding method(bulk pots). The open tube budding method can be used in grafting without cutting and estimating.

According to the thickness and length of the budding tube, the cortex can be peeled off circularly at the appropriate part of the sticky wood, and the budding tube can be warmed(7 gallon pots manufacturer). Wax sealing should be cut and sealed before grafting. Then cut the incision about 2 li meters long from the middle of the crosscut(5.12inch plastic plant pots). Generally, each scion should have 2-4 full buds. In order to save the grafting base, single bud grafting can also be used, and the work efficiency is low.

The length of grafting depends on the length of internode of different tree species(gallon planters supplier). T-shaped budding can also be used, but the direction of cutting and cutting the bud and inserting the bud is opposite to T-shape. It is mostly used for grafting of tree species with low survival rate of "t" bud grafting, such as walnut and other tree species(plastic planters bulk). The sugar branch section (one end can be stored first, and then the other end) should be dipped quickly.(square plastic planter wholesale suppliers poland)

The advantage of branch grafting is that the grafted seedlings grow fast, and the grafting time is not limited by the peeling off of rootstock, so they can be grafted in early spring(bulk half gallon pots). The grafted seedlings can leave the nursery before the current year and in autumn, but it is not as good as bud grafting to save moral stripe, and the grafting technology is a little more complex(5.5inch plastic plant pots). Do not wax seal when grafting ketose, generally first cut Germany and then cut.

The strips collected in the growing season should be used as they are collected(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). For example, they can be stored in a cool place in a short period of time, and the base of the strips is immersed in a container with water; or they can be planted in wet sand soil, or they can be placed on the water surface of the water well in the container(plastic planters suppliers). Branch connection is usually carried out in the storage season, and it is generally better to start to flow the sap of brick and wood.

(square plastic planter wholesale suppliers poland)If the selenium wood is too thick or too thin, the method of mistakenly sealing sugar is to cut the branch into a certain length (depending on the tree species(cheap 2 gallon container), generally three buds should be taken for each connection). The paraffin wax should be melted in the container and kept at the temperature of 100 ℃ - 105 ℃. However, there are also differences in different suitable periods of tree species(shallow germination trays), such as nuclear stability, plate vegetables, orange trees, etc.

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