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Viagrow 2 Gallon Black Nursery Plant Pots

Dongzao is a cultivar of jujube tree(wholesale greenhouse pots). Winter jujube is a fruit tree with more nutrient consumption, so the fertilizer used for winter jujube needs to be divided into base fertilizer, top dressing, and foliar spray. Winter jujube fertilizer is divided into: organic fertilizer is divided into plant-derived organic fertilizer (soiled plant straw) animal source organic fertilizer (soiled livestock feces) and biological bacterial fertilizer(microgreen trays), humic acid fertilizer.(viagrow 2 gallon black nursery plant pots)

Winter jujube fertilization time: base fertilizer, winter jujube after timely application of base fertilizer(seed starter trays), biological bacterial fertilizer or organic fertilizer, through the photosynthesis to accumulate nutrients(seed sprouter trays), which is conducive to the next spring flower bud differentiation and leaf growth (winter jujube tree from germination to flowering all nutrients from last year's nutrition The accumulation of), so the application of autumn fertilizer is very important.

(viagrow 2 gallon black nursery plant pots)It is an excellent variety of late-maturing fresh food without thorny jujube trees, and it is also the best quality jujube variety(plastic growing trays). Inorganic fertilizer refers to the combined state, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, and potassium fertilizer. Micro-fertilizers include iron, zinc, manganese, boron, calcium, molybdenum and the like. If there is no autumn fertilizer, they can be applied together, and watered in time after fertilization(rice seedling tray). After selecting the seedbed, the potatoes are separately discharged. 

Foliar topdressing(square nursery pots), spraying with amino acid foliar fertilizer in the early flowering stage (promoting flower bud differentiation), combining flowering with open armor, adding gibberellin to sodium octaborate or bismuth boron (flowering stage promotes flower tube elongation, increasing fruit setting rate) During the fruiting period, the liquid silicon-calcium fertilizer is applied underground, and the leaves are sprayed with silicon-calcium fertilizer to promote cell wall growth(plug trays), prevent cracking, and spray on the leaves 2 to 3 times.

NPK 15% potassium sulphate compound fertilizer 2 kg plus appropriate amount of medium element fertilizer (single plant) fertilization method can be carried out by ditching or acupoint application(plastic grow pots), under the tree with high potassium fertilizer, the roots spray high potassium fertilizer ( Improve fruit coloration and increase sugar conversion), even spray 2 to 3 times(gallon plant pot). The specific sowing period is determined by the first transplanting period, and is usually planted 45-60 days before the first transplant.(viagrow 2 gallon black nursery plant pots)

If there is a lack of light in the fall(black plastic plant pots), it will affect the normal growth of the plant, and may even make its plants grow long, causing the leaves of the mandala to lose color. In fact, it has a certain degree of cold tolerance. In general, in the process of farming in autumn, it is necessary to control the amount of watering.  If the climate gradually cools down, then it can reduce the amount of watering(plastic seedling tray). In the process of growing in autumn, it also needs Give it a large amount of topdressing NPK compound fertilizer conservation.

(viagrow 2 gallon black nursery plant pots)It is also necessary to use garden soil, river sand and organic fertilizer to make new pots and soils(two gallon pots), so that the potting soil can provide nutrients in time. When the mandala grows in autumn, its branches and leaves can also be properly trimmed. First, the dead branches, old branches, and affected branches and leaves of the plants are cut off in time, and then the flourishing parts of the plants are cut off(gallon nursery pots). Plants grow better, and the trimmed shoots can also be cut and propagated.

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