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Wholesale Small Plastic Plant Pots Cheap Black Ireland

Especially in the aspect of roof greening(wholesale nursery pots), the use of Buddha grass can not only alleviate the phenomenon of “cold winter and summer heat”, but also protect the roof from high temperature, ultraviolet rays, etc., and help to extend the life of the roof. The weed control technology of the Buddha grass is now introduced as follows. Control weeds by fine soil preparation. In particular, the roots of perennial weeds and perennial weeds should be picked out of the plot(32 cell plug trays supplier), otherwise the management of turfgrass will be greatly difficult in the later stage.

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(wholesale small plastic plant pots cheap black ireland)Such as wild dog roots, dandelions, field flowers, bowls of flowers, water peanuts, thorns and so on(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If time is sufficient, chemical herbicides can be used. Lightly pour horse water to promote weeds. When the weeds are basically out, the herbicide herbicide paraquat or glyphosate is used to kill the weeds by stem and leaf spray. According to the data, the two herbicides have a short residual period in the soil and are inactivated by soil passivation 8 to 10 hours after exposure to the soil(105 cell plug trays supplier).

The stem is 10-20 cm high(plug trays wholesale). The fact is that the residual period of paraquat in the soil can last for about 10 days, and the residual period of glyphosate in the soil is longer, up to 20 days to 30 days. Therefore, after using these two herbicides, do not plant Buddha grass during the residual period. For germinated grass weeds, more herbicides can be used, such as big killing grass, fine quetiapine(50 cell plug trays supplier), fine killing, high-efficiency covering grass, etc. can effectively prevent such weeds.(wholesale small plastic plant pots cheap black ireland)

Even if it exceeds three or four times the recommended dosage, it still has a high safety for the grass(black plastic nursery pots). We can use the above herbicides to control malignant weeds such as Bermudagrass and thatch, as well as a variety of grass weeds such as crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, valerian, and bluegrass. For the germinated broadleaf weeds, it is necessary to grasp the principle of “except early and small”(72 cell plant trays bulk). To prevent broad-leaved weeds, try to use medicine as early as possible. Weeds are most easily controlled around 3 leaves.

(wholesale small plastic plant pots cheap black ireland)Do not use in the grass, it is recommended to use 2 to 4 grams per mu of special herbicide(plastic nursery pots wholesale), 25 kg to 30 kg of stem and leaf spray, 7 days to 10 days, weeds begin to yellow and die, about 15 days Complete death. It is a micro-toxic herbicide with no odor and no drift. The toxicity is only one-third of the toxicity of salt. It is safe for Buddha grass(105 cell plant trays bulk). For the fragrant aconite in the sage, the use of the reinforced type can effectively prevent it, and it is safe for the sage.

Sodium tetramethylene chloride, ammonium salt(plastic nursery pots), propionic acid, tetrabutyl butyrate and related derivatized herbicides are not used in the grass. Herbicide for controlling broad-leaved weeds in wheat fields, paddy fields, and corn fields, such as fensulfuron (superstar, merlot), Pentium, chlorhexidine, flurazepam (bronze), bromide, pyridinium Sulfasulfuron, bensulfuron-methyl, nicosulfuron (Jinongle) and so on(128 cell plant trays bulk). Shima and acetyl oxalic acid can prevent grass weeds in the grass.

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