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Bulk Buy 2 Gallon Nursery Trade Pots

With the improvement of urban living standards, raising flowers at home has become a fashion trend(32 cell plant trays bulk). However, some people like to raise flowers, but they don't know how to choose flower pots. This will not achieve the expected beautification effect, because good flowers need to have good flower pots to complement each other(plastic nursery pots wholesale). What kind of flower pot is it? Generally, the breathability, water permeability and lightness are some important reference indicators for selecting flower pots.

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(bulk buy 2 gallon nursery trade pots)There are many kinds of common flower pots(200 cell plant trays bulk), which are divided into: purple sand pot, porcelain pot, stone pot, tub, plastic pot, bamboo pot, etc. according to the shape; according to the shape: round, square, plum, hexagon, Signature and so on; according to the height and shortness: high feet, low feet, shallow basins, etc. Coupled with different sizes and shades, the pots can be described in a variety of categories(plastic nursery pots). For example, plastic pots are cheap, light and beautiful, and are very suitable for cultivating rattan plants. They can be used for hanging, so they are widely used.

The purple sand pot is simple and generous(200 cell plug trays supplier), with beautiful decoration, good ventilation and drainage. It is easy to survive when used to cultivate flowers. It is suitable for planting orchids and plum blossoms. The glazed pots and porcelain pots are beautiful and elegant, suitable for use as a set of pots. A small pot-shaped pot with a deep basin and is suitable for planting hanging plants such as spider plants(black plastic nursery pots). Large and medium-sized flower pots suitable for planting rhododendrons, camellia, sea otters and other flower plants. Flower plants such as palm, white orchid, laurel, kumquat are ideal for extra large flower pots.

(bulk buy 2 gallon nursery trade pots)Shallow mouth pots are suitable for cultivating bonsai such as Chinan, Wuzhengong and Nantianzhu(162 cell plug trays supplier). Due to its small size, the miniature flowerpots can be planted with plants such as bamboo and prickly pears. orchid. Suitable for placement: office. Role: Aggregate popularity, master power, can also help expand interpersonal relationships. Note: Orchids are very difficult to raise and require a lot of thought(seed starting trays). Choosing the right plastic flowerpots and flower plants can be placed at home, which not only can decorate, but also bring you good luck.

At the same time, there are many other useful functions(128 cell plant trays bulk). In one fell swoop, why don't you do it? Again, add nutrients to flowers and plants. It is not necessary to fertilize the flowers and plants in the winter, and it is not too late to fertilize them when the spring blossoms. For jasmine and other flowers that need to maintain fertilizer, some low-concentration potash can be applied to increase the cold resistance of the flowers. For foliage plants, the application of nitrogen fertilizer should be emphasized(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). For flowering plants, some fertilizer can be applied during the flowering period to help the flowers open all the flowers.

(bulk buy 2 gallon nursery trade pots)Thyme, clove, jasmine, sweet-scented osmanthus, rose and other flowers will emit volatile oil with bactericidal action(105 cell plant trays bulk). Flowers in the patient's room and bedroom are not suitable for the night: most flowers have the function of purifying the air and promoting health. However, if some flowers are raised at home, it may become a source of disease or cause the old disease to recur. It is recommended that you must understand the flowering in detail before raising the plastic flowerpot flower, in case the intention is to improve the living environment(seed starter trays), and the result is that the flowering has caused the body to go wrong.

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