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Cheap 15 cm Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers China

The main reason is that the flowers that originate in the south are abandoned, the place of origin is full of rain, the climate is warm and humid, and the soil is mostly acidic(plug trays wholesale). So, how can we grow southern flowers in the northern climate? In fact, it is not difficult to grow southern flowers. Plum blossom, winter plum, winter season, etc.(18 cell seed starting trays), can survive the winter safely at no less than 0℃.

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However, the climate and soil conditions in most areas in northern my country are almost the opposite of those in the south(square grow pots). The annual rainfall is less, the climate is drier, and the soil is more alkaline. Such environmental conditions are not suitable for the growth of flowers in the south(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The southern Huacai mostly like acidic soil (pl5.0~6.5), while the northern soil is mostly neutral or alkaline.(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

As long as you understand the ecological conditions of the southern flowers’ origin and master the living habits of each flower, you can take some effective measures(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Most southern flowers have poor resistance to cold, so it is not advisable to leave the house too early in spring to avoid night frost and cold wind. Improve water quality(20 cell seed starting trays). The soil for cultivation should be acid cultivation soil.

(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers china)If you use tap water, river water, or well water(propagation tray), it is best to expose it to the sun for 2 days and add 0.1% ferrous sulfate to the water to improve the water quality. At this time, if the southern flowers are placed in direct sunlight, it is easy to cause the branches and leaves to wither and even damage(black plastic plant pots). The alkaline soil makes the soluble iron that can be absorbed and used by the Huacai change into insoluble iron.

It can be modulated with leaf-humid soil, coniferous soil, grass charcoal soil, or ferrous sulfate, sulfur powder, etc., to make the basin soil acidic(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Most of the flowers that originate in southern my country, such as camellia, Du Peng, Lai Li, Lailan, Hexiao, and oranges, are introduced to the north for cultivation(40 cell seed starting trays). They grow in this environment for a long time and adapt to these conditions, so they grow well.(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

Flower absorption causes physiological iron deficiency and affects the normal physiological activities of plants, resulting in yellowing disease(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Therefore, physiological diseases such as yellowing disease are extremely prone to occur when the southern flowers are raised in the north(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The effective way to solve the iron deficiency in the soil is to apply alum fertilizer every 10 days or so during the blooming period.

(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers china)Shade and moisturize(plastic plant trays wholesale). In the northern region, the summer is hot and the sunshine intensity is high. Therefore, proper shade is needed in summer. Specifically, it is necessary to pay attention to the four main aspects of cultivation soil, water, shading and humidification, and moisture and cold protection(wholesale greenhouse pots). Try to make the northern cultivation conditions close to the environmental conditions of its origin.

After 1 to 2 years, they will grow slowly, and the leaves will fall off or appear yellow Local brown necrotic spots(black plastic nursery pots), and finally withered and died. For high-temperature-loving poinsettia, variegated leaves, bougainvillea, and pear-like flowers, the temperature should not be lower than 10℃(104 cell seed starting trays), and for medium-temperature flowers, such as Clivia, Cineraria, Du Peng, camellia, etc., it should not be lower than 5℃.(cheap 15 cm plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

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