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Cheap Polystyrene Seed Trays Manufacturers Ireland

It is absolutely forbidden to water at noon(72 cell plug flats), so as to avoid excessive temperature difference between water and basin soil and physiological function diseases of root system, which is abandoned as summer dormant flowers. Pruning in summer is usually to pin the core, wipe the bud, remove the leaves, bud, fruit and cut off the long branches, residual flower stems and so on(thermoform pots). Keep out of the rain.

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Pelargonium, example hanging golden bell, four seasons Autumn Sea case, Tangzi, etc(50 cell plug flats). also need to patrol the Yin at noon. Watering should be based on the principle of less evaporation in rainy season and dry basin soil. After summer, it is also a good time for poinsettia, green peach, tiger thorn chair and other flowers to do bending modeling(propagation trays for cuttings). The specific measures are as follows: shading and ventilation.

(cheap polystyrene seed trays manufacturers ireland)The water should be slightly sun dried, and the watering time should be early and late(herb plug trays). Perennial flowers originated from Mediterranean climate, such as Cyclamen, hyacinth, tulip, freesia, Pelargonium, Clivia, Strelitzia, Hedysarum, Hedysarum japonicum, Hypericum japonicum, lotus, Narcissus, iris, and so on(v10 nursery pots), in the high temperature season in summer, they enter into the state of dormancy or semi dormancy.

When the temperature is high, the wine should be cooled to the ground to facilitate dormancy(72 plug tray). When watering, we should also pay attention not to "cut off water at the waist" and not to pour waterlogging water. For non bulbous flowers, we can often spray water on the branches and leaves and water on the ground around the pot to form a moist and cool microclimate(nursery tray price), which is conducive to their dormancy.(cheap polystyrene seed trays manufacturers ireland)

If the water is too much, the basin soil will be wet for a long time(32 cell tray), which will easily rot the root; but if the water is too little, the basin soil will be too dry, which will easily cause the root to shrink. Therefore, the dormant potted flowers should be placed in the shelter in rainy season(small plastic hanging baskets). After summer, dormant flowers should be moved to a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight, dry and rainy place.

(cheap polystyrene seed trays manufacturers ireland)Stop fertilizing(v13 nursery pots). In general, the life activity of the flower is very weak, the metabolism level is low, and the nutrient consumption is very little. If fertilization can also cause rotten pepper, even the whole plant death. The dormancy period of summer flowers is in rainy season(v12 nursery pots). If the plant is drenched by rain or accumulated water in the basin after rain, it is easy to cause the root or corm to rot or even die.

For bulb summer dormant flowers(elfin thyme plug tray), such as Cyclamen, hyacinth, tulip, freesia, etc., the bulbs can be dug out at the beginning of the summer dormancy to remove the dead stems and leaves and soil, and store them in a cool, ventilated. Shicao, rose, Lili, Fusang, lailan and succulent plants are still cultured on the balcony(greenhouse trays and pots). Therefore, the potted flowers that grow too dense should be pruned in time.(cheap polystyrene seed trays manufacturers ireland)

The amount of watering should be strictly controlled to keep the soil slightly wet(288 cell tray). It will be planted at the end of September to the beginning of October(mushroom growing trays). In order to make this kind of flowers pass the dormancy period safely, huamaojian, it is necessary to take different management measures with other flowers according to the physiological characteristics of dormancy period of summer dormancy flowers.

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