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The water lily is a hi-light plant, and it takes an average of more than 8 hours of sunshine in the growing season to be able to bloom(plastic nursery pots). Suitable for clean, clean and warm environment, the best growth gas is 25-32 degrees, the water depth is 25-40 (the deepest is 60 cm) cm, and the soil should be selected from pond mud or loam rich in humus. The flowers are closed at night, and the colors are red, yellow, white, purple, and powder(cheapest 2 gallon pots). The single flowering period is 3-7 days, and the flowering period of the group is more than 6 months.

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(cheap plant propagation trays wholesale suppliers florida)Water lilies can be planted in pots, tanks, barrels, pots, or in shallow waters such as ditch, pool, lake, and pond(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The cold-tolerant water lily variety grown on the rhizome of the rhizome is placed at a 15 degree angle to the soil, so that the bud end is at the center of the container, so that the top has a space for growing forward; when the tropical water lily variety of the short and thick tuber is planted First dig a hole in the center, erect in the roots(2 gallon plant container wholesale), the roots are slightly exposed to the top buds, and there is water in the pot after planting.

Container specifications: diameter 25 ~ 60cm, height 10 ~ 30cm(black plastic nursery pots). The cultivated soil can be directly mixed with fertile pond mud, or piled into a mixed loam according to the ratio of 1 (tang mud): 1 (garden soil): 1 (fertilizer). At the time of planting, the culture soil is placed in a container, and a water storage layer having a thickness of 15 to 20 cm is left. After planting, pay attention to keep the water clean and remove weeds and aerosols in time(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). Cut off the pests and leaves, and remove the yellow leaves. When the leaves are too dense, remove them properly to facilitate ventilation and light transmission.(cheap plant propagation trays wholesale suppliers florida)

Controlling the water level The growth of the water lily is very important(plug trays wholesale). It is very important to control the water level reasonably. Water lilies require different water levels in different growing seasons, so pay attention to controlling water level changes. When potted, the initial shallow water, hope to fill the water; when the submerged cultivation, it is necessary to release the water twice, the first time the water is released, just did not pass the basin, gradually increase the water level with the growth of the leaves, grow the season, and sink the whole flowerpot into the water(gallon plant pots wholesale). The water surface is 30-50 cm away from the basin surface; when the pond is planted, it should be drained in time when the water level in the rainy season exceeds 1 m deep.

(cheap plant propagation trays wholesale suppliers florida)According to the general rule, the water level requirement of the water lily is shallow in the initial stage of planting(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), which is beneficial to the early hair leaves of the water lily; the water level should be deep in the period of vigorous growth, and the deepening of the water level during this period can increase the number of water lily leaves to facilitate the synthesis of nutrition. In the autumn, the water level of the water lily pond should be shallow, because this period is the growth period of the rhizome and lateral bud of the water lily(15 gallon nursery pots supplier), and the shallow water level can increase the water temperature. Most of the leaves get sufficient light, so the rhizome of the water lily can be highly productive.

Timely fertilization should be applied at the right time throughout the growth process(wholesale nursery pots). In the flowering period, the dihydrogen phosphate is wrapped with tough paper, and several small holes are placed in the bag. Two bags are applied per cylinder, inserted along the edge of the basin, and applied to the roots 10-15 cm, once every half month. Even if it is applied 3-4 times, it can be that the roots of the water lily are thick, the leaves are thick and shiny(14 gallon nursery pots supplier), the number of flowers is large and the color is deep, and the disease resistance of the plants can be enhanced.

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