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Cheap Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Price Peru

The new leaves gradually form wax and produce epidermal hair(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). If you want to accurately grasp the technical aspects of refining seedlings, you need to determine the light response curve, respiration rate, and gas changes in the bottle seedlings, so that you can accurately determine The timing and duration of refining seedlings(v11 plastic pots). 

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The water temperature should not be too low, otherwise the medium is not easy to wash off, but the water temperature should not be too high, which is easy to damage the seedlings(112 cell seed trays). The direct reason for the failure of tissue culture seedling transplantation is that the cultivation medium has too much water and poor ventilation, and the tissue of test tube seedling is young(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru).

Some plants are difficult to root in the test tube, or self-rooted seedlings cannot be used in production(32 cell seed tray), and must be grafted to solve the problems of rooting and heterogeneous combination(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). Reduce the opening degree of the stomata, gradually restore the function of the stomata, reduce the loss of water dispersion, and promote the generation of new roots to adapt to the environment. 

Methods and steps of grafting in test tube(v20 plastic pots): preparation of sugar grafting, cultivation of base wood, micrografting, cultivation after grafting, and transfer of grafted seedlings out of the bottle(21 cell seed trays). Therefore, some plants also adopt the method of grafting outside the test tube to increase the survival rate(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). Choose a test tube seedling with a height of 2 to 4 cm and a stem thickness of 0.1 to 0.2 cm as a stable connection.

Under aseptic conditions, graft the splendid stem tip of 0.1~0.2mm onto a sterile rootstock cultivated in a test tube with the aid of a microscope, and then continue the test tube culture(50 cell seed trays). The method of split grafting is used to graft to the potted rootstock prepared in advance(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). At the same time, the test-tube plantlets are transferred from aseptic heterotrophic culture to a bacterial autotrophic environment. 

After healing, it becomes a complete plant and then transplants it out of the bottle into the soil(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). In vitro grafting technology is relatively difficult, and the technology is not easy to master(plastic ground cover for weed control). When cleaning, gently hold the upper part of the rhizome of the test tube seedling with one hand, gently knead the seedling root with the other hand, or clean the agar block and Loose Callus block attached to the root with a soft brush.

Inner film, outer kraft paper bag, open a small slit in the inner bag after one week, remove the inner bag after 2 weeks, and remove the outer bag and bindings after 3 to 4 weeks(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). This method is easy to operate and has a high survival rate(40 cell seed trays). In vitro grafting, also called micrografting or test tube microbody grafting, is a new technique that combines tissue culture and grafting methods to obtain virus-free seedlings.

In a culture environment with high temperature and high humidity(12cm nursery pot), the tissues of the test-tube plantlets are tender and prone to overflowing with bacteria, causing the plantlets to rot or rot and die at the rhizome(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). At this time, the bottle transplanting can be carried out. The survival rate of one strand is below 50%, and it needs to be improved(12cm plastic plant pots). The technical requirements are high, the survival rate is low, or the growth is poor. 

At the same time, control the environment and ensure that the transplanting environment is as clean as possible, especially the transplanting substrate is best to be sterilized, with no or very few microorganisms(v19 plastic pots). The cultivation effect of mixing 2 ~ 3 substrates is good and should not be used alone(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). also simplifies the cultivation procedure, which is conducive to reducing production costs and shortening the cultivation time.

Under aseptic conditions, cut from the culture flask, insert the solid medium, and exercise at room temperature for 1 to 2 days(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). The blade is flattened. In order to reduce the water loss of test-tube seedlings, some people advocate the application of anti-transpirant, but the effect is different(fabric grow bags wholesale). In addition, after the above-mentioned refining, the test tube seedlings have a certain adaptability to the natural environment. 

The specific method is: carefully take out the test tube seedlings from the bottle with light hands and do not use excessive force to tear off the seedling roots(36 cell seed trays). If the medium is too dry to take seedlings, pour a small amount of warm water (20 ~ 25 ℃) into the bottle and soak the medium to make it soft for 1 ~ 2 hours(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). It is not as good as using the shed film to moisturize and shade, which may also be related to the plant species(15 cell seed trays).

Grafting outside the test tube because grafting inside the test tube is difficult to operate, take out the test tube seedling from the bottle, soak it in a plastic basin filled with clean water for about 10 minutes, change the water twice, and the water temperature is about 20 ℃, and clean the culture medium adhered to the root of the test tube seedling(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). Therefore, bactericides can be used as a preventive measure(cheap plastic hanging baskets). 

The leaf surface of test tube seedlings is free of cutin, wax, epidermal hair or very thin, and the pores cannot be closed(nursery seedling tray). If the root system is too long, cut off a section, quickly dip it in auxin solution (50mgl acetic acid prohibited) and put it into the seedling tray(9cm plastic plant pots). In addition, it should be noted that the matrix must be thoroughly disinfected, and high-temperature sterilization or pharmaceutical sterilization can be used(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru).

General methods and steps of in vitro grafting: vermiculite, perlite, ceramsite, peat soil, humus soil, coconut magnesium or decomposed broad-leaved tree sawdust with loose, good water retention and air permeability shall be selected as the cultivation substrate on the seedbed(20 cell seed trays). Therefore, in the absence of micro spray humidity control device, plastic small arch shed is mostly used to maintain high air relative humidity(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru).

The humidity of cultivation medium should not be too high(v23 plastic pots). Most of the seedlings perish from the bottom(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). If it is found that there are colonies in the culture medium in the bottle, but the test tube plantlets themselves are very strong, such test tube plantlets should be soaked in broad-spectrum bactericidal solution for sterilization for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and then taken out and placed on other seedling plates(128 cell plug flats).

It is best to use micro spray technology to control air humidity(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale price peru). However, years of practice has proved that the core of test tube seedling transplanting management technology is to ensure good air permeability and sufficient water holding capacity of cutting substrate while ensuring sufficient air humidity(18 cell seed trays). It is required to clean it, otherwise the agar block (culture medium) remaining in the root will cause toxic bacteria pollution.

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