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Cheap Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Vietnam

There are 20 kinds of vegetables(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam), including cucumber, melon, vegetable melon, Yuegua, winter melon, Jiegua, watermelon, two gourds, pumpkin, bamboo shoot, stir melon, sunspot pumpkin, grey pumpkin, pearl melon, balsam pear, towel gourd, gourd, easy fruit, snake melon and bergamot melon(15cm plastic plant pots). 

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The sowing cover of dyed beans, class beans, lentils and soybeans should not be too deep, and the sowing cover of peas, broad beans and red kidney beans can be appropriately deeper(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). The tender stems can also be used as pig feed. Gardening classification: Weeping potted grass is a kind of plant with thick leaves(200 cell seedling trays). Horticultural classification: chuanqian Jingtian is a plant with hypertrophic leaves. 

First, water the seedlings properly to stabilize them(40 cell seed tray inserts). Remember not to top fertilizer during propagation(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). It is best to shade properly and temporarily let the plant receive a small amount of sunlight within a few days. Morphological characteristics: succulent shrub. The plant height is 50 ~ 60 cm(72 cell tray). Even in the vigorous growth stage, it is not appropriate to water too much, so as not to cause the plants to grow and rot.

Stem slender, erect(10cm flower pot). Single leaf opposite, triangular heart-shaped, 1.5 ~ 2 cm long and 1 ~ 1.3 cm wide, with short tip, grayish green, leaf margin reddish brown, fleshy. Cymes at the top of stem; Flowers small, nearly white: ovary superior. Medium sized flowerpots can be used as cultivation containers(10 gallon nursery pots). Colonization method: potted, when the seedling root system is more developed, it can be colonized(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). 

Their generic names and aliases are shown in the table(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). Fine sand can be used as breeding substrate. Cut 3 ~ 5cm long stem segments for supporting and inserting, and the specifications of the basin can be determined according to specific needs. The fruiting period is from July to September(50 cell plug flats). Cymes terminal; small flowers sessile, yellow-green to bright yellow; petals 5; stamens 10; ovary upper. Yingguo. 

Management points: Chuanqianjingtian likes a dry soil environment(40 cell plug tray). It is not advisable to water too much at ordinary times, otherwise the plants will easily rot. The survival rate of underpinning and breeding of P. chinensis is very high, which can be close to 100%(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). During operation, the creeping branches can be separated and planted separately. Its fecundity is very strong, and it can take root in every node. 

Main uses: this kind of plant is mostly planted in the ground to form flower beds(black plastic ground cover). It is also a good ground cover plant in rock garden. During operation, fill a small amount of soil first, then put in 3~4 seedlings, and press the soil slightly after filling. It can also be used for raising seedlings in spring and summer(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). Seedling cultivation: this plant is mainly propagated by branch insertion, mostly in March to May every year. 

Because chuanqian Jingtian is very drought resistant, do not water the cuttings too much(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). If the substrate is too wet, it is easy to cause cuttings to rot(105 cell propagation trays). A bean variety introduced by the author from the South also pods from spring sowing in Fushun to the end of autumn. Zhihong 28-2 of Zhejiang develops well in the north(72 cell seed trays). It should be repotted every 5 to 7 days, and the plant should be appropriately increased in light.

In the whole breeding process, it should be ensured that the cuttings are exposed to scattered sunlight for 2 ~ 4 hours every day, which is conducive to their rapid rooting(16cm plastic plant pot). Usually after about 4 weeks of management, cuttings can take root. Lucifer. The flowering period is from April to May(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). Mainly, this plant is easy to manage and has strong drought tolerance. It is more potted to decorate the sunny place indoors.

When the substrate is dry, the cuttings have the best rooting(105 cell seed trays). After 2 ~ 4 weeks of maintenance, it can be planted separately(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). Although the seedling rate of this method is high, but the cycle is slightly longer, so it is not suitable for small-scale seedling raising(128 cell seedling trays). The whole herb can be used as medicine, has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, dispelling silt and reducing swelling, and can be used to treat hepatitis. 

can also be raised in pots to decorate indoor sunny places(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). Seedling cultivation: This kind of plant is mainly propagated by the ramification method, more than in spring and autumn. The fruit contains peptonase, which can digest insoluble protein into soluble protein. Leaf cutting method can also be used for seedling raising(18 cell seed starting trays). Pay attention to using the old leaves at the base of the plant as breeding materials. 

The water demand is large in the vigorous fruiting period(24 cell seed trays). Cultivation substrate: it has strong adaptability to soil, but if conditions permit, the basin soil can use the mixed substrate composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 0.5:2:1.5 by volume(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). Under good management conditions, Sedum crassipes is less susceptible to disease, and its use is less affected by harmful animals.

It doesn't like big fertilizer(11cm plastic plant pots). In addition to applying a proper amount of base fertilizer during planting, thin liquid fertilizer should be applied once every 2 to 3 weeks in the vigorous growth stage(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). After entering the vigorous growth stage, the plant will appear chasing light, which will cause partial crown. 3 impellers, broad-lanceolate to oblong, apex acuminate or sharp, entire, fleshy(4 gallon plant pots). The seeds are small and ovoid.

Do not apply top dressing when the plant is dormant(1.5 gallon plant pots). Chuanqian Jingtian likes the environment with sufficient sunlight, but it should not be exposed to strong sunlight in summer and autumn, and shading should be carried out to prevent the plants from being harmed(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). Need lower air humidity, generally 55%~65% is the most suitable(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). Due to the long fruiting period and high yield, more fertilizer is required.

pot culture can use a mixed substrate made up of rot leaves, coarse sand, and garden soil(seedling tray 128 holes). The ratio of them is 0.5:2:2.5 by volume. Planting method: ground planting, weeping pot grass seedlings can be planted in April to May. The plant height is 10-25 cm. The stems are knotted and creeping(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). There is no need to apply basal fertilizer, and 3~5 seedlings can be planted in each pot, so that the viewing effect is better. 

Flowering from June to August(20 cell plant trays). Hundred types of vegetables are good first crops for other vegetables, and the continuous cropping growth is inhibited. Rotation is required, the root system is highly susceptible, and the regeneration ability of lateral roots is weak, so it should be broadcasted directly(polypropylene ground cover). Management points: Weeping pot grass likes the dry soil environment with low tide and is more drought-tolerant(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale vietnam). 

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