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Cheap Plastic Hanging Baskets For Sale In Canada

Fertilization recommendations: It is necessary to note that 15 kg of urea is applied after the first harvest(7 gallon plant pots), and then 5 kg of urea or diammonium phosphate is applied once every 15-10 days until the end of the harvest period. When water spinach is in the seedling stage, it should always be watered to adhere to the wet soil condition(plastic plant pots), and appropriate fertilization to promote the rapid development of seedlings.

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There are many functions of castor. It can be harvested continuously for 2-3 months, but all the convolvulus planted in the open field must be harvested before the autumn frost(9cm square plant pots). Otherwise, the low temperature will damage the new leaves of the convolvulus and reduce the yield. After picking the leaves of convolvulus, new branches and leaves will sprout from the leaf axillary(15 gallon pots), so the proper harvesting method has a great influence on the final yield of convolvulus.(cheap plastic hanging baskets for sale in canada)

Water chestnuts are usually harvested only about 10 cm long young shoots in the upper part of the plant(4 gallon plant pot). For the convolvulus harvested in batches, the first harvest can grow to a height of about 30 cm and may stop at about 45 days after sowing. Keep the height of the stem base of the plant about 10 cm or 2-3 Leaf nodes(v10 plastic pots); the second harvest stopped when the newly emerged leaves axillarily grew to about 15 cm long, retaining 2-3 leaf nodes at the base of the plant stem.

(cheap plastic hanging baskets for sale in canada)The common sowing methods of convolvulus are two methods: digging holes and sowing(greenhouse trays and pots). On the one hand, it is beneficial to promote faster and more germination of new water sprouts after harvesting, on the one hand, it is beneficial to increase the overall harvest of water spinach, on the other hand(5 gallon pots for plants), it can maintain a balanced and stable nutrient supply, and it can prevent the water spinach well. You can stop aberrant governance.

Excessive germination of side branches and excessive nutrient consumption can avoid the problems of slow plant development, early senescence of defertilization(propagation trays for cuttings), and poor light transmission, which is conducive to high yield and excellent harvest of convolvulus. The superior yield of convolvulus can remove the dense, crowded, and weak side branches in real time during harvesting(injection molded nursery pots), and provide a good ventilation and light transmittance for the development of convolvulus plants.

The third and fourth harvests should be harvested once(round plastic flower pots). In batch and progressive harvesting, in the middle and late stages of development of convolvulus, if the planting density is too large, the plant may have developed in the past, and it will show signs of densely growing branches and leaves and impenetrable fields in the field(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), which is easy to breed various pests and diseases. How can the harvest of water spinach reach the highest yield?(cheap plastic hanging baskets for sale in canada)

Only 1-2 leaf nodes at the base of the stem of the plant can be kept(small plastic hanging baskets). At the same time, all the weak side branches on the plant must be removed. Water spinach is susceptible to damage by stem rot, cataplexy disease, aphids, white rust, cabbage worm, Spodoptera litura, and other diseases and insect pests(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Field inspections should be strengthened, and when the disease is found, the right medicine should be selected early to stop control.

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