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Before inoculation, wipe the gloves on the handle of cotton soaked in alcohol and clean the clip(plastic gallon pots). Light the alcohol cotton ball to burn the mouth of the strain bottle, wipe the mycelium on the inner lower wall of the mouth from the outside to the inside, scrape off the seeds on the surface with a clamp, and loosen the wheat seeds(large plastic planters), inoculate them in aspects, each bottle of strain is connected with 30 bags of bacteria bags.

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After inoculating, clean the chamber and sprinkle lime on the floor before entering the chamber, which can play a role in disinfection and reduce the humidity of the chamber(plastic garden pots for sale). First, pour the water agent into the container, and then pour the tablet into the container containing the medicine for disinfection. After disinfection, the bacterial bag enters the culture room, and disinfects continuously for 3 days(wholesale plant pots suppliers). After 5 days, it can be seen that the mycelium begins to grow.

(cheap plastic nursery planters manufacturer)When fumigating, turn off the air conditioner and culture door. Turn on the air conditioner and exhaust fan three hours later(plastic starter pots). Open the warehouse every five days and clean up the package four times in total. When the mycelium grows on the bottom of the bag, it will be moved to the mushroom room about 34 days old(15 gallon plant pot). When the package is transferred, the temperature shall be adjusted to 15 ℃ - 12 ℃, and the light shall be turned on to urge the bud.

In order to reduce the heterozygous bacteria in the inoculation room, the bacteria bags were sprayed with carbendazim 500-1000 times before inoculation(5 gallon plastic planters). Then fumigate the training room with bijieshi disinfectant. Before the package is transferred from the culture room to the culture room, the room shall be cleaned and disinfected first(3 gallon container). After the lime is sprinkled, bijieshi chlorine dioxide disinfectant is used for fumigation.(cheap plastic nursery planters manufacturer)

Adjust the temperature to 17 ℃ - 14 ℃, 16 ℃ - 13 ℃ on the eighth day, and 15 ℃ - 13 ℃ on the ninth day(small plastic flower pots bulk). On the 11th day, the mushroom management was carried out. From the 12th day to the 16th day, it was the period of thinning buds. It was necessary to observe the growth of mushroom buds in the early(large plastic planters cheap), middle and late every day to cut off the abnormal mushrooms such as the mushroom buds and trumpet mushroom.

(cheap plastic nursery planters manufacturer)24 hours later, adjust the temperature to 19 ℃ -- 16 ℃(big black plant pots). After changing clothes, wear slippers, work clothes, sterile gloves, foot covers, masks and head masks before entering the vaccination room. Pick the mushroom for the first time from the 17th day. It should be light and big hat(4 inch square pots). On the 18th day, the mushrooms will be picked nine times, on the 19th day, they will be picked nine times in the morning and eight times in the afternoon.

It is found that the infected steamed stuffed bun should be cleaned out of the warehouse(growing flats). Before inoculation, the alcohol lamp, cotton and sterile cotton cover should be checked. After entering the mushroom room for 5 days, the bacteria should be scratched. After burning the bottle mouth(4 inch square nursery pots), when the temperature to the sterilization cabinet is 127 ℃ and the pressure is 0.15Mpa, the air inlet valve should be gradually closed.(cheap plastic nursery planters manufacturer)

It can be seen that there are many dense mushroom buds in the bag, such as small beans(plastic plant pots cape town). The old seed in the middle of the bag mouth should be dug out at 0 ℃ for 7 days. When the temperature of the sterilization cabinet is stable at 125 ℃, it starts to keep warm for 4 hours. When the heat preservation time is up, close the steam inlet valve and slowly open the exhaust valve and drain valve(plastic garden pots online). After 20-21 days of harvesting, let the storage be cleaned and sterilized for the second time.

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