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Some legume vegetables, Shidouli, can produce bean sprouts and other soy products at any time(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). The tender shoots are set up for fresh food. At present, the cultivated legumes and vegetables include: kidney beans, rainbow beans, peas, broad beans, soybeans, lentils, knife beans, four winged beans, quinoa beans, kidney beans, etc(10.5 cm plant pots). their generic names and aliases are shown in the table. 

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The late-maturing varieties of broad beans and edamame have developed rhizobia, while rainbow beans, kidney beans and lentils are generally less developed(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). Legumes have lower nitrate content. They are semi cold resistant vegetables. Because of its beautiful appearance and simple management, it is very popular as a potted flower(288 cell plug tray). Pea and broad bean originated in temperate zone and have strong cold resistance. 

Planting years: This plant is perennial, its seedlings are slower, and it is not easy to age(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). After the seedlings are planted, the best viewing period can reach more than 3 years(pp woven ground cover). Butterfly-shaped flowers are mostly racemes, and the colors of the flowers are red, pink, white, yellow, and purple. The first pair of true leaves are opposite single leaves(162 cell plug tray). The root system is relatively developed, and it has a certain early tolerance. 

Broad beans are cross-pollinated and have a very high hybridization rate; runner beans are cross-pollinated in most cases and have a very high hybridization rate(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). Others are mostly self-pollinated, but vegetables can also be cross-pollinated in a small amount(200 cell trays). In addition to being used as vegetables, physiologically mature tomatoes, physalis, cantaloupe, and cherry tomatoes are also eaten as fruits, which are convenient to eat.

Can not cultivate soft-shelled turtles, too much fertilizer and water(32 cell plug tray), so that the plants will grow excessively and affect the development of the fruit, and it should not be too thin, and the fertilizer and water cannot be managed, which will also affect the yield(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). When it is necessary to raise seedlings for early maturity or inverted flowers, it is best to raise seedlings in containers, and the seedling age should not be too large. 

The size and shape of the true leaves are different depending on the type and variety(9cm flower pots). The true leaves in the future are all compound leaves. Pea and broad bean are pinnate compound leaves(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). The number of lobules gradually increases with the increase of leaf position; Red beans, lentils, etc. are composed of three small leaves, which are also called compound leaves(128 cell trays). Some legume vegetable seeds are fitness supplements.

Therefore, the cellulose of English fruit varies greatly depending on the type, variety, and age(7 gallon nursery pots). For example, the endometrial tissue of pea that eats tender bean grains is developed, and the peel is not edible unless the endometrial tissue is removed, and the iris has very little cellulose(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). Longer daylight is conducive to the accumulation of photosynthetic products(105 cell plant trays). The temperature is suitable for continuous flowering and fruiting. 

At the same time, the seeds are of various colors, and the thousand-grain weight varies greatly depending on the type(14 cm plastic plant pots). For example, the T-grain weight of big bean is 3.5 kilograms, and the weight of rainbow bean is 150 grams(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). After the seedlings are stabilized, you can water them appropriately, and then shade them for 1 to 2 days before they can be exposed to sunlight normally(32 cell seedling tray). Broad beans and peas are long sunshine plants.

There are rhizobia of various shapes on the roots, which start to occur about 10-20 days after emergence, and increase with the growth of crops(10cm plastic plant pots). 1/3 of the nitrogen nutrients taken by legumes comes from the upper soil and 2/3 comes from the air. There are few rhizobia in the juvenile stage, and the ability to fix nitrogen is weak(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). It gradually increases after the vine is drawn, and there is a big difference between the species.

After soaking the seeds for a certain period of time, nutrients and auxin substances are infiltrated and consumed, which affects the germination of seeds and the growth of young plants(32 cell tray). It is not sensitive to the photoperiod response(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). It is perpendicular to the light in the morning and parallel to the light at noon(128 cell seed trays). The appropriate planting density should be determined according to the species, variety characteristics and soil fertility. 

When introducing species from the south to the north or from the north to the south, we must try it first, otherwise it is easy to reduce production or even lose harvest(50 cell plug trays). In the seedling stage and fresh food cultivation, nitrogen fertilizer is still very important, and the demand for phosphorus and potassium is also large(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). The true leaf has the ability to automatically adjust the light receiving state with the help of the change of petiole film expansion pressure. 

Continuous cropping increases the accumulation of organic acids secreted by rhizobia, which increases soil acidity and inhibits the activity of rhizobia and the growth of beans(105 cell plug trays). When the seedlings grow to 2 to 4 true leaves, the flower buds begin to differentiate, and side branches are extracted from one or several accessory growth points adjacent to the flower buds, forming "sychronous branches" or "false bifurcated branches"(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). 

Kidney beans require strong illumination, while peas and broad beans require relatively low illumination(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). During sowing and seedling emergence, the environmental conditions are uncomfortable and easy to rot(5 gallon nursery pots). when the nutritional growth and reproductive growth lose balance or malnutrition, it will cause flowers and pods, especially in the case of high night temperature, continuous rain, poor photosynthesis or dry air. 

Generally, beans and vegetables are light loving plants, and there are great differences among species(13cm plastic plant pots). The flower bud differentiation of most legume vegetables is not strict with the sunshine length, but there are also species or varieties that are very sensitive to the sunshine length(72 cell seedling trays), such as lentils(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). In general, short sunshine at seedling stage can promote flower bud differentiation and reduce the position of the first inflorescence. 

Phosphorus fertilizer should be applied to branch culture vegetables, and nitrogen fertilizer should also be applied to barren plots(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). It is relatively drought resistant, but it has strict requirements for water in seed germination period and flowering and fruiting period, and sufficient water is required in flowering and fruiting period. The seed soaking time shall be strictly controlled(72 cell plug trays). Generally, direct seeding can be used.

Rhizobium especially needs phosphorus. Increasing phosphorus fertilizer is one of the important measures to increase the yield of legumes and vegetables(200 cell plug trays). The deep and loose upper layer and good ventilation are beneficial to the growth of Rhizobium, and then promote the growth of legumes(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). T soil pH 6 ~ 7 is suitable for the growth of Rhizobium(50 deep cell plug trays). Melon vegetables are annual or perennial climbing herbs in Cucurbitaceae.

During sowing and seedling emergence, if the soil moisture is too much and the temperature is too low, it is easy to rot, special attention should be paid to cultivation(seedling tray 104 holes). When the planting density is too large and the water and fertilizer are sufficient, it is easy to fall flowers and fruits, and diseases are easy to occur(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale dominicana). In addition to fresh food, legume vegetables can also be pickled and dehydrated to make dried vegetables.

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