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Main uses: this plant is an indoor potted flower, which is suitable for beautification in places with sufficient sunlight such as windows(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Horticultural classification: Spring warbler is a plant with hypertrophic leaves. Seedling cultivation: this plant mainly propagates by ramet method, mostly from March to April every year(2 gallon plant pots). Often keeping the basin soil in a dry state can promote the better growth of spring warblers. 

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It is resistant to drought, barren and cold, and can grow well under extensive management(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Insufficient light, poor plant growth, slow fruit growth, poor quality, easy to infect diseases. Morphological characteristics: perennial fleshy herb. The plant height is 30 ~ 60 cm(12.5 cm plant pots). Leaves opposite, triangular lanceolate, 8 ~ 9 cm long and 3 cm wide, entire, dark green, densely covered with gray white spots, rough surface and fleshy; Leaf back with keel.

Seeding method can also be used for seedling raising(12cm plastic plant pots). Cultivation substrate: the pot soil used is composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 1:2:1.5 by volume. During operation, a small amount of soil shall be filled first, and then the seedlings shall be placed for straightening(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). After filling, it shall be slightly compacted(128 cell plug trays). True light, the more light hours, the faster fruit growth and better quality.

It is better to add some calcium superphosphate, and its dosage can be controlled between 0.2% ~ 0.3% of the total volume of cultivation substrate(21 cell plug trays). Colonization method: potted plants can be directly colonized with sprouts separated from the mother plant and with 3 ~ 5 larger leaves(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Medium sized flowerpots can be used as cultivation containers(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Management points: Aloe vera is very drought-tolerant and prefers dry soil. 

It is best to shade properly and let the plant receive a small amount of sunlight for the time being(51 cell plug trays). Key points of management: as long as spring warblers like dry soil environment and are very drought resistant, they must pay attention not to water too often in the process of management. If the basin soil is too wet, it will be very unfavorable to the growth of plants(162 cell seed starting trays). Racemes; small flowers campanulate, orange-red; stamens 6; ovary upper(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). 

In addition to applying appropriate base fertilizer during planting, topdressing should be carried out every 3 ~ 4 weeks in the vigorous growth stage, and fertilizer should be stopped in autumn and winter(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Therefore, when the soil and air humidity are high, the disease will be severe, and the water plants are very easy to die1, and high air humidity is not conducive to pollination(72 cell propagation tray). Flowering in winter. Shade fruit, mature and cracked.

Spring warblers like to scatter sunlight and are more shade resistant(23cm plastic plant pots). In winter, they can accept full-time sunlight at low temperature(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Keep good ventilation in high temperature season in summer. Spring warbler likes warmth and is not resistant to cold(3 gallon plant pots). It grows well in the temperature range of 18 ~ 28 ℃, and the overwintering temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃, but it can withstand short-term low temperature of - 1 ℃.

The flowering period is from May to July(32 cell seed tray). Under good management conditions, spring warblers are not easy to get sick and are less attacked by harmful animals(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). If the plant grows too crowded, it can be turned in combination with ramets in spring. Planting years: this plant is perennial, its formation is very slow, and its root system is not easy to age(50 cell plug trays). Its best viewing period can reach 5 ~ 8 years after seedling planting. 

At the same time, uncomfortable environmental conditions, such as too high or too low temperature, lack or excess of mineral nutrients, soil dry rate or too much water, insufficient light, gas hazards, etc(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). can cause physiological obstacles, causing falling leaves, falling flowers, Fruit dropping and fruit deformity aggravate disease and then affect yield(200 cell seed trays). Without turning the pot, its continuous cultivation should not exceed 3 years. 

In addition to viewing, its leaves are also a good medicine for treating burns, and it can also be used to make skin care products(9cm plastic plant pots). Cut the sub-capsules with 5~6 larger leaves and leave them for a few days. At the same time, some superphosphate is mixed, and its dosage can be controlled at about 0.2% of the total volume of the cultivation substrate(32 cell seedling tray). Then water appropriately(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Be careful not to do top dressing within a few weeks. 

The height of the plant is 30 to 45 cm(v12 plastic pots). The leaves are in the shape of a rosette on a shortened stem, triangular, 75 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, with sharp teeth on the margin, gray-green, and fleshy. In order to improve the survival rate, it is best to leave them for 1 to 2 days and wait until the wound is dry before proceeding(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Then water the seedlings appropriately, and remember not to topdress them during the breeding period. 

Morphological characteristics: Perennial fleshy herb(15 cell seed trays). Colonization method: Potted plants can be directly used for colonization with 4-6 larger leaves that are divided from the mother plant. Cultivation containers can be medium and small flower pots(98 cell seed tray). Main purpose: This plant is mostly used as a potted plant for viewing, suitable for decorating indoors, and for arranging bedrooms, balconies and other places with plenty of sunlight(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). 

After the wounds are air-dried, they can be inserted into the number one tube pots filled with fine sand, and the flower pots will be placed(50 cell propagation trays). Give the cuttings a little shade and wait for 3 days before watering the cuttings(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). This will encourage them to take root faster and avoid rot(288 cell plug tray). Seedling cultivation: This kind of plant is mainly propagated by the support method, and it is mostly carried out in April to June each year.

During operation, fill a small amount of soil first, and then put 1~2 grams of horseshoe slices on the bottom of the flowerpot as a base fertilizer, place the seedlings in the middle of the flowerpot, and then fill in the pot soil to firm it up slightly(105 cell plug flats). Even if it is watered once every two weeks, it will not harm it, because the plant grows very slowly at this time, and the temperature is low, and the water transpiration is not very fast(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia).

After shading for 1 to 2 days, you can receive sunlight(1 gallon plant pots). Gardening classification: Aloe vera is a plant with thick leaves(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers serbia). Except for watering every 3 to 5 days during the vigorous growth period in spring and autumn, excessive watering should not be used in other stages, especially in the low temperature season in winter and spring, and watering should be controlled. raceme(v9 plastic pots); Florets tubular, orange, apex yellowish green. Shade fruit. 

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