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Cheap Plastic Nursery Trays Manufacturers Kenya

It is better to plant the seeds of these crops only after they germinate(2 gallon plastic nursery pots). It seems that the daily garden management will spend a lot of time and energy on the prevention of diseases of Miao plants and Cucurbitaceae plants. Therefore, cucumber, tomato and other dicotyledons were planted together with monocotyledons such as onion and leek(nursery tree pots). The growth period of cabbage and broad bean is synchronous.

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When planting, the most robust seedlings should be selected according to the nature of the vegetables(2.5 inch plastic plant pots), and the appropriate planting method should be used to interspace other surplus seedlings. Although we all hope to plant vegetables under the condition of not using pesticides(plant growing trays), for example, tomato and peanut, the two plants have more rain and humidity High Nanhe can promote the growth of this plant.

(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers kenya)Mycorrhizal fungi can absorb phosphorus and various inorganic substances and provide these nutrients to crops(cheap plastic garden pots), so the nitrogen and phosphorus absorbed by these fungi will also be absorbed by tomatoes. In order to grow sweet eggplant with high sugar content, it is necessary to control the water intake of tomato(3 gal plant containers), hate yellow very much, so that the sugar content of fragrant eggplant will be increased.

In addition, marigold can protect radish from pests such as white striped butterfly and xiaocaicheng(germination flats). They can not only promote the growth of symbiotic plants due to the changes of environment and specific conditions, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases and insect pests(15 inch plant pots). Peanuts, on the other hand, absorb the water around them, so planting them with tomatoes can also produce sweeter tomatoes.(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers kenya)

It is suggested that the growers who do not have enough time to manage the vegetable garden can flexibly use the symbiotic plants in the process of planting vegetable symbiotic plants(square succulent pots). Marigold (Compositae) can effectively inhibit the occurrence of Nematoda, and has the effect of pest control(gallon planting pots). The Southern Yellow thrips, which eat eggplant fruit, so the color of fangshou chrysanthemum can also play a role in pest control.

(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers kenya)Flexible use of soybeans(plug tray nursery), lentils, Dutch beans, broad beans and other legume vegetables as symbiotic plants and other vegetables, these legumes can promote the growth of vegetables planted next to them. When marigold and radish were planted together, marigold could also inhibit the occurrence of root rot nematode and other nematodiasis(black plastic plant containers). Green bean can help cabbage to avoid the invasion of white butterfly.

However, there are still a lot of symbiotic plants that are passed down according to the experience of predecessors(succulent pots in bulk), and they grow when they are growing, so the effect of some symbiotic plants is not so obvious. In addition, cabbage can be planted together with Artemisia selengensis and yinshou of Compositae(nursery plant trays), which can also prevent and control the pests such as white butterfly, burglar and Plutella xylostella.(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers kenya)

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