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Therefore, some can promote long roots, while others produce callus(105 cell plant trays bulk). The external environment is an important factor in plant tissue culture, mainly including light, temperature, humidity, gas composition and so on, some of which can not be controlled and are not well understood. When plants are cultured in dark conditions, some effects are not well understood(plant cell trays). When breathing is calm, bacteria will be expelled from the mask gauze into the air.

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Usually, there are few bacteria when breathing quietly, but the bacteria increase when talking or coughing(128 cell plant trays bulk). In this paper, the effects of light and temperature on the growth and differentiation of tissue culture seedlings were discussed. The influence of light on plant growth and development is usually considered in light intensity, light duration and light quality(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). The results show that light plays an important role in embryoid formation and organ differentiation.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers indonesia)

Such as bulbs (lilies) in the dark culture, can grow small bulbs, long leaves in the light(162 cell plug trays supplier). Under light condition, auxin will be broken down, which will affect the balance between auxin and cytokinin, which has a great influence on tissue culture. The light intensity required by different plant species is also different, generally 1000-5000k, daily light 12-16h. Different explants also had obvious response to the length of illumination(6 cell plant trays). They should wear hats and transport them away from the working table as far as possible.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers indonesia)In tissue culture, even if light is needed to induce organ formation, the light should not be too large(200 cell plant trays bulk). However, the regeneration of small plants to give a strong light, is conducive to the survival and growth of later transplanted into the soil. According to allevedia and raler (1962), the stem segments of grape varieties sensitive to short day black formed roots under short day conditions(50 cell plug trays). However, some plants or organs do not need light to form.

When working, they must wear special experimental clothes, which must be washed, cleaned and disinfected(32 cell plant trays bulk). Wearing a mask is generally safe, but after coughing or talking, a lot of bacteria will accumulate in the mask. For the varieties which were not sensitive to sunlight, roots could be produced under different photoperiods(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). Pauilet and niasch (1964) successfully induced flower bud formation under the condition of long day abscission.

There is a lot of dust on the clothes of the staff(50 cell plant trays bulk). When walking around the room, it is equivalent to making bacteria fog. The hair of the staff is also the most dangerous source of dust. In the tissue culture of stem internode of short day plant, flower bud was only formed in short day, but not in long day. The breathing of workers is also the main way of pollution(seed cell trays). Therefore, it is necessary to prohibit talking and put on the oral fruit when the work is going on.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers indonesia)

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