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Cheap Small 90mm Commercial Plastic Plant Pots

At present, the soil organic matter content is 1.O-3.O%(plastic flower pots), the manure quality is good, l500-2250 kg per hectare. In addition to organic fertilizer, the base fertilizer is mainly based on phosphate fertilizer. The superphosphate is 2O kg per mu and 10 kg of potassium chloride is mixed with organic fertilizer(gallon pot). Fertilizer can promote the growth and development of seedlings and accelerate the formation of root nodules and roots.(cheap small 90mm commercial plastic plant pots)

The ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus is 1:2(90mm plastic plant pots), which can meet the needs of a small amount of available nitrogen in seedling stage, promote the growth of seedlings, and fully meet the urgent requirements of phosphorus in the whole growth period of soybean, which is beneficial to vegetative growth and Promote reproductive growth(72 cell seed starting trays). Fertilizers generally apply 100-150 kg of diammonium phosphate per hectare, and 75 kg of potassium sulfate.

Organic fertilizers include pig manure, horse manure, and chicken manure(plastic plant trays wholesale). In order to further increase the cultivation yield of green peppers, new technologies are introduced to guide the actual planting activities. In short, in recent years, China has increased the support of agricultural projects, focusing on vegetable cultivation and export industries(128 cell seedling start trays), and vigorously developing green pepper planting industry is one of the regional agricultural leading projects.

(cheap small 90mm commercial plastic plant pots)The method of fertilization should be based on the sowing method and the machine is planted(square plastic plant pots). The base fertilizer uses organic fertilizer as the base fertilizer, the fertilizer is applied with diammonium, and the ditching component for fertilization is installed on the planter, and the chemical fertilizer is applied to the side of the seed bed(105 cell seed starting trays), and the position of about 5 cm from the seed or the position of 10 cm under the seed is applied.

Topdressing soybeans do not carry out topdressing, but for infertile land, the amount of base fertilizer is insufficient(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), and the land with poor growth can be topdressed during the branching period from soybean to flowering, generally 75-100 kg of ammonium nitrate per hectare(50 cell seed starting trays). Therefore, the nutrient can be supplemented by the leaf area topdressing method, and the advantage is that the fertilizer effect is fast and the dosage is small.(cheap small 90mm commercial plastic plant pots)

Generally, the leaf surface is best to spray soybean into the drum(72 cell seedling trays wholesale), the roots have weakened ability to absorb fertilizer, and the seed formation still needs more nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. For the specific usage, in the initial stage of soybean granules(128 cell seed starter trays), foliar spraying of 600 kg of water with 600 kg of water or 0.72 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate per hectare is effective.

(cheap small 90mm commercial plastic plant pots)In this way, the “head volts” or “two volts” apply the health fertilizer (the ratio of fertilizer to water is 4:6); once in the “south heat” to “white dew”(large plastic terracotta pots), the fertilizer (fertility to water ratio is 5:5) once, during the flowering result, available 0.2-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate leaves topdressed 2-3 times(1020 trays wholesale). The social modernization construction requires the development and utilization of planting areas. 

It is better to use special fertilizer for soybeans(nursery trays). Compared with traditional planting techniques, high-quality green pepper cultivation in rural areas is a complex project activity and a comprehensive guide to local ecological construction. The annual sales of green peppers is 620 million, which fully reflects the beneficial effects of plastic film covering technology on the green pepper planting industry(32 cell seed starting trays). Potassium fertilizer can also be applied.(cheap small 90mm commercial plastic plant pots)

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