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The 4 ℃ trace showed that about 20% and 50% of the photosynthetic products were allocated to the stalks during the corn jointing stage and the big trumpet stage, respectively(3.5inch square nursery pots). In addition, when the light intensity is different, the light quality also changes(9 inch plastic plant pots). Under the strong light, the blue-violet light component is more than under the weak light. Blue-violet light can affect plant metabolism and inhibit cell elongation.

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So corn plants grown under strong light have thick stalks(4.5inch square nursery pots). The light is weak, not only the photosynthetic products are reduced, but also the plants compete with each other for light, the stalk cells are elongated quickly, making the internodes thinner and easy to fall. When the rhizosphere is well ventilated, the dry weight of corn per plant is 29.44 grams(5 gallon planter); when it is poorly ventilated, it is only 20.66 grams.(fabric 20 gallon grow bags suppliers philippines)

If the density is too high, the growth speed of the stem after the joint is fast, but due to the severe weakening of the light in the group(4.5inch deep square pots), the reduction of photosynthetic products, the slenderness of the internodes of the plant, the hardness and initial nature of the stem are reduced, and the lodging rate is increased(deep cell plug trays). In addition, the fertilization methods are different, and the distribution range of the root system in the soil is also different.

According to the test(seedling trays wholesale), the root system is prone to aging or even stops growing when the soil is severely dried early or is flooded, thereby reducing the absorption surface area and reducing the absorption rate. Effects of soil aeration on root growth Maize has high requirements on soil aeration(shallow microgreen trays). According to measurements, 1.5 grams of corn root (thousand weight) consumes 8-9 mg of oxygen on average within 1 hour.

(fabric 20 gallon grow bags suppliers philippines)The amount of water directly affects the growth activities of shoot tips and intermediary meristems(15 gallon planter), such as sufficient water, large cell volume, and fast internode growth, so irrigation from corn jointing to tasseling has a significant effect on stem growth(plastic planters suppliers). Insufficient oxygen in the soil reduces root respiration, reduces the energy and active intermediate products required for growth, absorption and synthesis.

In this case, the stalks grow slowly, and even the male crane cannot be extracted(1 gallon planter). Therefore, it is advisable to keep the soil moisture at 60 ~ 70% of the maximum water holding capacity. This is because under short F! Conditions, the vegetative growth period is shorter and tassel differentiation is correspondingly earlier(10cm flower pot). Varieties with more leaf numbers are more affected by the photoperiod and temperature. 

The effect of light on leaf growth Maize is a short-day crop, and the photoperiod and light intensity have effects on the number and size of plant leaves(10 gallon planter). According to a 1969 study by Hesketh et al. The number of light hours in the mountain was shortened from 16 hours to 10 hours, and the average number of leaves per plant was reduced by 2.2 pieces(plastic planters bulk), and the higher the temperature, the greater the impact.(fabric 20 gallon grow bags suppliers philippines)

When the day temperature rises to 30 ℃ and the night temperature is 25C, the number of leaves decreases by 2.6(perlite wholesale). When the weather is early and dry, the water content of the plant is reduced, the photosynthetic capacity is reduced, and the organic matter supplied to the stem is reduced(plastic plant pots), which indirectly affects the growth rate and makes the plant short, and cannot meet the needs of normal reproduction.

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