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Heavy Duty Reusable Plug Trays Wholesale

The seedlings of different other land still need to be solved to solve the problem of water retention in sand(40 cell trays bulk). He added eye control to the traditional seedling tray and increased the height of the bottom of the seedling tray by 5mm, so that 5mm of stagnant water is a guarantee for continuous water supply to the seedlings. For a period of time, it was found that rice fields in the rice field irrigation outlets tens of square meters, rice growth is far less than other places(wholesale nursery pots). I can't understand it. It turned out that the groundwater that was irrigated was very cold, which affected the growth of rice seedlings.

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(heavy duty reusable plug trays wholesale)I think of the principle of heat dissipation in the car(40 cell tray in bulk), to disperse the groundwater, use the groundwater pressure to drive the fan, and increase the water temperature for the well water to cool. Starting a business in the desert is tantamount to a practice. As a continuous entrepreneur, I feel that I have not been as tired as I have been in the past 48 years. After all, no one can dare to choose to break through again in a comfortable time(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The technical staff has not been able to stay for more than 10,000 yuan, and the conditions in the desert are too difficult.

It is clear that on June 2, 2015, it was the transplanting season(51 cell trays bulk). However, a gust of wind filled 18 acres of paddy fields, and every time a strong wind was blown, technicians left. Without a technician, only he can go on his own. In three months, I read more than 140 books on rice planting; also in his “drilling” of the business, and developed 9 patents for desert rice planting invention and 38 utility model patents in 5 years(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The integration of financial thinking and agricultural thinking.

(heavy duty reusable plug trays wholesale)Farmers will pled their own land to the financial company at 300 yuan/mu, and they can borrow a sum of money(104 cell trays bulk); the company will unify the agricultural production layout. The company then formed an agricultural cooperative "order-based agriculture" company to provide land management, seedlings, organic fertilizer, planting technology, mechanical harvesting services, and then converted to farmers' hands for planting(black plastic nursery pots). Farmers have no funds to enter, just plant in strict accordance with the company's planting standards. Just fine.

In the eyes of many people, the desert is boundless(72 cell seed starting trays). After the harvest, the company will recycle the rice at a price higher than the market price of 1 yuan. Through this new land transfer model, more than 800 local farmers will be hired to increase their income by more than 30,000 yuan per year, and local farmers will achieve precision poverty alleviation. The company is also rapidly accumulating production areas. The new model has greatly stimulated the farmers' enthusiasm for planting(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In the past, the desert of the yellow sand has become a "golden desert."

(heavy duty reusable plug trays wholesale)From the first day of planting, it is planted according to organic standards(128 cell seedling start trays). Due to the long sunshine time in the desert, 3200 hours of high temperature and sun exposure throughout the year, more than 100 days of frost-free period, plus the desert is not polluted, and naturally has organic rice cultivation standards. On the only fertilizer, a circular model was also designed: the company will send the rice straw to the farmer for livestock feed free of charge, and the company will recycle the farmyard fertilizer produced by the livestock(plastic nursery pots).

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