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Seeding seedling method is the most widely used seedling method at home and abroad(128 cell seed trays wholesale). This method is suitable for the most tree species, has a long history, and has the most scientific research results and production experience. In order to enable the seedling workers to cultivate high-yield and high-quality seedlings, the author, based on practical experience, puts forward ten tips for cultivating seedlings for readers' reference(v9 nursery pots). Constantly introduce new technology and advanced production tools.

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First of all, we should understand the characteristics of seedlings, the law of annual growth and the requirements of water, fertilizer and light conditions(128 cell trays bulk). If it is suitable, the seedlings will have strong growth, strong resistance to disease and disaster, good quality of seedlings and high yield of qualified seedlings, otherwise it will be the opposite. The effect of sowing in early spring in North China is more significant(5.9inch plastic plant pots). The sowing time of spring sowing varies with different regions and climatic conditions.(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers peru)

According to the requirements of selecting nursery land, we should select the land without diseases and pests(72 cell plug trays supplier), with thick soil layer, loose soil texture, flat terrain and water source as the nursery, instead of the land for planting horse bells and vegetables for successive years as the seedling surface, and the yield of qualified seedlings is high, because it is easy to infect the disease(3.5 inch square plastic pots). Sowing season refers to spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring sowing is the most widely used seedling season in China.

The field management work in seedling stage(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), such as top dressing, seedling inquiry, irrigation, middle ploughing and weeding, should start in time, stop in time, and do a good job in the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests; the quality of seedlings will be seriously reduced if the seedling starting work is not paid attention to(6.3inch plastic plant pots), so it is necessary to ensure the depth and range of seedling starting, which requires that there are many seedling roots with a specified length.

There are many species in our country, and the seed maturity is different(sureroot plug trays bulk). Therefore, the sowing season and time are different in different places. It is very important to choose the best sowing season and time in practical work. Whether the seeding time is suitable or not has a significant impact on the quality of seedlings and the yield of qualified seedlings(plant plastic trays). In a word, it is better to be early if the seedlings are not harmed by low temperature after being unearthed.(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers peru)

Except for the seeds of a few village species that mature in summer, the seeds of most other species can be sown in spring(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Because the spring sowing, the soil moisture is sufficient, the time of seeds in the soil is short, and the chance of damage is less. The effect of the specific time of spring transplanting on the quality and yield of seedlings is obvious(plastic nursery trade pots). The quality of seedlings sown in time and early in spring is good, and the top buds of seedling skin and coniferous seedlings are not damaged.

(high quality thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers peru)According to the experiment of Fuxin shelterbelt experimental station in Liaoning Province(blow molded nursery pots), the seedlings of Pinus sylvestris planted in this area grew well in the first half of April (when the soil temperature reached about 9 ℃). The early seeded seedlings are unearthed early, and the growth period of the seedlings is prolonged. When the dry early or hot summer comes(plant trays without holes), the seedlings have grown stronger and improved the resistance to adversity, the roots are not exposed to wind and sun.

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